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11.30.2006 : RegionFocus 20.4 now available - Online Member Record Management

RegionFocus issue 20.4 is now available here.

Every organization has a few critical personnel behind the scenes who make all the difference.These are the guys and gals who know the inside line. Everything they touch turns to gold through their incredible talents, indefatigable energies, and buoyant enthusiasm in the best and worst of times. If an organization is lucky, one of these people is an expert in IT and can make your computer networks and software applications function like a well- oiled machine. PCA is fortunate to have its own IT wunderkind in the person of Jim Selders, who is arguably one of the smartest guys on the National Staff.To list all of what Jim has done for the National Office and the improvements/ applications he has made in the way PCA supports its members through information technology would require an issue of Panorama unto itself.He has touched so many different aspects of how we do business that his influence and support will be felt for years to come. For this issue of Regionfocus, Jim describes the new improvements he has affected at the National Office for on-line records management. These improvements directly impact your PCA region, because now your membership chair can manage records of your region’s members with direct access to the National Office files 24/7. For many region boards and membership chairs who have experienced varying degrees of frustration over the past few years on membership files, this is what you’ve been waiting for. Hopefully, this article will serve as an entry point for your region’s board and membership chair on the fantastic improvements Jim has made on our PCA’s IT support for our regions. I encourage all Region boards to thank Jim for all of his volunteer work and dedication to the Club. We could not be where we are today without him.


11.21.2006 : PCA Annual Car Raffle SOLD OUT!

PCA's first Annual Car Raffle has been sold out. The drawing for the winning ticket is Dec. 4th.

Confirmation to those who are in the raffle will sent by November 23rd.

Best of luck to those who are entered.

For those who do not get to participate in this raffle, I hope that you are not too disappointed. Keep in mind that PCA will most likely have another great car to raffle in 2007.

Stay tuned!

11.11.2006 : RegionFocus 20.3 available

RegionFocus issue 20.3 is posted here.

This issue focuses on risk management for regions.

11.03.2006 : 2007 PCR change proposals

The 2007 proposed changes to Parade Competition Rules (PCRs) are now posted online. See the PCRs at

10.16.2006 : New 968 Register Advocate

PCA announces a new 968 Register Advocate, Don Hassenbein. Don has severed as Co-Advocate for the 968 PCA Register for some time. Don has organized several highly attended 968 Celebrations in the past and is a member of Central Pennsylvania Region. We look forward to his enthusiastic leadership. Don replaces Dick Petticrew who has served as Advocate for many years. We wish to thank Dick for his impressive and tireless work as one of the co-founders and driving force behind the 968 Register.

Additionally, Jeff Coe, of Connecticut Valley Region is the new Co-Advocate and Ron Salvador of Hudson Champlain Region is in the newly created position of PCA 968 Register Webmaster.

10.06.2006 : New PCA Merchandise available

Come see the new PCA merchandise, available in our online flyer.

09.14.2006 : Enter the official PCA Cayman S Raffle Today!

PCA members: Enter PCA's first-ever raffle of a new 2007 Cayman S!

Get an entry flyer here (PDF).

Read the official rules here (PDF).

Win A Cayman S!

09.14.2006 : RegionFocus Volume 20 , #2 is now available

RegionFocus Volume 20, issue 2 is available here. This is in the member library.

Subject is What Regions Need to Know About Copyright.

09.14.2006 : Wanted: Cayenne Register Advocate

Wanted: Cayenne Register Advocate. We are looking for a member to take over the Cayenne Register. Some of the duties are to create a web page, help organize model specific events, promote interaction among Register members, and help pull in new members for PCA. If you are interested, please call John Straub, Register Coordinator, at 619/667-4423.

09.04.2006 : Parade Portland 2006 Award Winners announced

Parade Portland 2006 perpetual trophy winners are announced here.

Awards announced at the Concours Banquet are in this PDF document.

Awards announced at the Victory Banquet are in this PDF document.
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