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03.02.2010 : Next Generation Porsche Cayenne SUV to Debut

Next Generation Porsche Cayenne SUV to Debut in Geneva

Led by a technologically advanced full hybrid model, the all-new, next-generation Porsche Cayenne sport-utility vehicle will debut at the Geneva motor show in early March. In line with the Porsche Intelligent Performance philosophy, the entire range, from the entry level Cayenne with a V6 engine to the 500-horsepower Cayenne Turbo, all deliver improved performance while using less fuel and producing fewer emissions than ever before. 

The New Porsche Cayenne will make its North American debut at the New York International Auto Show (press days: March 31 and April 1, public days: April 2-11). The Cayenne S and Cayenne Turbo go on sale in July as a 2011 model, and U.S. pricing will be announced soon. Porsche dealerships will offer the Cayenne and Cayenne S Hybrid in the fall.

For more information, please visit the Cayenne microsite.

02.05.2010 : PCA Videos from the Rolex 24 At Daytona

Check out PCA's video series shot live at the Rolex 24 Hours At Daytona.

02.05.2010 : PCA Porscheplatz at Sebring 12 Hours

Porscheplatz and PCA Membership Station at Sebring 12 Hours

March 19-20, 2010

You're invited to join us for this exclusive PCA member opportunity!  Display your Porsche in the Porscheplatz car corral, watch Porsche racing action, and take part in Special Events including supervised parade laps of the track, Hot Pit raffle, and Long Distance Award.

For information contact Jennifer Barrows, Zone 12 Rep,

02.03.2010 : Type 64 Porsche Design to be on Display in Atlanta

Porsche to Sponsor Upcoming "The Allure of the Automobile" Exhibition at Atlanta's High Museum of Art

18 of the World's Finest Vehicles to be Displayed, Including One-of-a-Kind Porsche Type 64

ATLANTA, February 3, 2010 - When a nationally renowned fine art museum is showcasing cars as masterpieces of art in your home town you pay attention. When you are Porsche you become a patron and help welcome the cars that represent the industry's most incredible designs.

The High Museum of Art exhibition, called, fittingly, the "The Allure of the Automobile," is sponsored by the famous German sports car company, headquartered in Atlanta, and will feature some of the world's most rare and spectacularly conceived vehicles ever produced. Among these exquisite collectors items from both sides of the Atlantic will be a 71-year old Porsche design that is considered the precursor to all Porsches-the 1938/39 Porsche Type 64.

This incredible design piece is the only prewar Porsche and has never been exhibited outside of Germany. It will be carefully removed from its perch at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart and flown to Atlanta for the exhibition that begins on March 21 and ends on June 20.

Porsche is also displaying another historic car, the 1953 Porsche 550 LeMans coupe, which will be on loan from the private Collier Collection of Porsche in Naples, Florida.

Rolling Sculptures

Sometimes referred to as "rolling sculptures," the incredible cars of the show are a mixture of innovative engineering, uncompromising workmanship and breakthrough design. When viewed as pieces of art, they give admirers a completely new way of looking at the great design periods of our time, spanning the movements from the 1930s to the mid 1960s.

"Our visitors will be surprised to find that today's vehicles come from a legacy of beauty and innovation comparable to the finest decorative arts that may be found in museum collections," said Michael E. Shapiro, Director of the High Museum of Art. "This exhibition will showcase the greatest feats of engineering and luxury design from 1930 to 1965, when cars became synonymous with success, power and wealth. Created for the privileged few, the luxurious, custom-built automobiles embodied speed, style and elegance, and influenced art, architecture, fashion and design."

Six Decades of Porsche in the U.S.

"The Allure of the Automobile" is being sponsored by Porsche Cars North America (PCNA), which is headquartered in Atlanta and is celebrating the brand's 60th anniversary of selling cars in the U.S.

"The partnership with the High Museum of Art, one of the world's renowned art museums, is a perfect fit for us," said Detlev von Platen, President and CEO of PCNA. "This incredible exhibition, 'The Allure of the Automobile,' is a celebration of ground-breaking design and engineering -- a theme that resonates throughout our brand."

An Object of Design and Desire

As a focal point of the exhibition, the one-of-a-kind Porsche Type 64 is a unique object in automotive history. It is unlike any other car on display; in fact it is not actually a car at all, but a hand-built, aluminum shell that represents the essence of Porsche design. Even today, when new Porsches are being developed, designers still look to the Type 64 to remind them of the brand's unique legacy.

The Golden Age of Design

As part of the "The Allure of the Automobile," the Type 64 will be joined by an iconic list of the world's finest cars from the "golden age of automobile design." These include masterpieces by Bugatti, Duesenberg, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Pierce Arrow, Packard, Cadillac, Tucker and others. This first-of-its-kind presentation traces the evolution of the motorcar from the mid 1930s to the mid 1960s, examining the contrasts between American and European design, the influence of decorative arts and design and the significant changes in automotive styling and engineering both before and after World War II.

"Until World War I, most cars had been utilitarian objects with one principal goal: transportation," said Ken Gross, guest curator of the exhibition. "But as tastes and wealth coincided, designers could create and/or customize an automobile's body, dramatically altering its silhouette and decoration and producing artful, one-of-a-kind objects. Lavish and often beautifully trimmed with aluminum, chrome, inlaid wood and lacquer, the streamlined silhouettes of the finest mid-century cars represent prime examples of Art Moderne design."

While the first part of the exhibition will spotlight the custom coachwork, art-inspired styling, luxury and opulence marked vehicles from the pre-war era, the second segment of the exhibition focuses on how the industry shifted in the post-war years, with the Europeans moving towards smaller, sportier models, while the American manufacturers concentrated on mass-producing cars for a booming economy.

To learn more about the High Museum of Art and the exhibition, please visit

01.18.2010 : PCA Corral at Daytona 24 Hours

The green flag will drop on the 48th annual Rolex 24 Hours At Daytona on January 30, 2010 and once again Porsche Club of America members are expected to be there in force.

The PCA Parking Corral in the Daytona infield will again welcome PCA members driving Porsches to exclusive parking near one of the most exciting areas on the track.

We also hope to welcome Vic Elford, this year's Grand Marshall, to the PCA corral to share some racing stories. If you have a race ticket which allows infield access, there is no additional charge for parking in the corral. However, parking in the corral is for Porsches only and on a first come basis. Get there early as the corral often fills hours before the race begins. As weather can be unpredictable in late January, a large tent with light refreshments, seating and a closed-circuit TV is available where members can escape from heat, cold, rain or sun and watch a live feed from the track.

This year we hope to offer a Saturday morning opportunity to meet the drivers and tour the track facilities of one of the Porsche teams looking to start the season with a win. In addition, we will have a guided tour of the tech area in the paddock where the track officials inspect each car. Please note that you will need a Paddock upgrade to your standard race ticket or another ticket which offers paddock access to participate in these activities.

Ticket information is available on the Daytona website or at 1-800-Pit-Shop. The corral opens at 8am on Saturday and continues through the end of the race on Sunday afternoon. Camping and fires are strictly prohibited in the PCA Parking corral. Overnight parking is at owner's risk.

This is the 10th year of operation for this PCA member benefit. Thanks to the regions in Zone 12 and Peachstate for their contributions!

12.14.2009 : Congratulations to Peter Spera - Panamera S Raffle Winner

Congratulations to Peter Spera - Panamera S Raffle Winner

12.02.2009 : PCA 55th Anniversary Calendar Available

PCA 55th Anniversary Calendar Available

Great gift idea for the holidays!  Limited quantities are available of this calendar commemorating PCA's 55th Anniversary.  Official Porsche part number and commemorative coin included.  Available EXCLUSIVELY from PCA Headquarters.  Download the order form and get your calendar today! 

11.18.2009 : Porsche Approves Winter Tires for Young and Old Classics

Porsche Approves Winter Tires Specifically for Young and Old Classics 

Extensive Tire Test Program for Older Model Series

winter tiresStuttgart - November 18, 2009 - Porsche has extended its demanding approval process for winter tires to include tires for young and old classics. Offering customers this unusual service, the German manufacturer of sports cars enables drivers of older models to use the best available products on their car. Porsche is therefore providing valuable help and orientation particularly in the process of choosing new winter tires with safe driving characteristics also on snow and ice. Porsche one of the few car makers to offer such an elaborate tire approval process.

Well over 70 percent of all Porsche sports cars ever built still exist today and are still driven actively in most cases - in both summer and winter. Indeed, even classic Porsche models more than 20 years old still offer the kind of performance today one would expect of a modern sports car. But the tires fitted when such old and new classics were still in production have no longer been available for years. Tire treads and rubber compounds have changed in an ongoing process of development, thus influencing the driving behaviour of such old Porsche models.

Numerous Porsche models built in former years, among them the 911, 928, 964, 993, and 996 and all the way to the first Boxsters, have been tested on countless laps at the Arctic Driving Center in the Finnish town of Rovaniemi. The criteria to be fulfilled by the tires tested in order to receive approval by Porsche are so strict that not all tires met the test requirements. The characteristics and features typical of an older air-cooled 911, for example, form an challenge not easy to overcome.

Information on which tires are recommended for which Porsche model is available on Porsche's web site and is also available at all Porsche dealerships.

11.16.2009 : 2010 PCR Rule Change Proposals Available for Review

2010 PCR Rule Change Proposals Available for Review

Visit the Regions > Forms & Documents page of (under Parade) to download the proposed changes. Comments from the membership are welcome until December 10, 2009.

11.05.2009 : FSR 50th Anniversary Event Featured Online

FSR 50th Anniversary Event Featured Online

The First Settlers Region's 50th Anniversary celebration is featured in a video slideshow on The Record Online.

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