Parade Competition & Activities

Entrants have an opportunity to complete for trophies and recognition in four major events:

  • Concours d'Elegance: A showing of Porsche automobiles with awards for best condition and originality of coach work and fittings.
  • Time-Speed-Distance Rally: A timed drive where pairs of entrants use written instructions to travel an unknown route at specified speeds to match the computed perfect time.
  • Autocross: Timed runs through a course defined by pylons and/or lines on a relatively flat, obstacle-free surface. The goal is to complete the course in the shortest time.
  • Technical and Historic Quiz: A competition designed to test entrants' knowledge of their automobiles and Porsche in general.

Other competitions happen outside the car. Some of these activities vary from Parade to Parade. Typical offerings include:

  • Art Show: Several categories are available for both amateurs and professional artists and craftsmen. Entries are sometimes for sale or auctioned to benefit a charity.
  • Athletic Events: A golf tournament is normally provided as well as a 5K Walk/Run. Tennis and other events are sometimes available.
  • Radio-Control Car Activities: These fun events typically include a race and sometimes a car show. Children and adults are welcome.
  • Other Competitions: Events have included building sand castles, tire rolling slaloms, and walking rallies, to name a few. All are just for fun.
  • Zone Challenge:  A team competition where members of each PCA Zone compete against each other and the national staff.

When a race track is situated relatively near Parade headquarters, a Club Race or Drivers Ed event may be scheduled in conjunction with Parade.

Complete details of the conduct of these events and classes of competition are contained in the Parade Competition Rules.


Parades provide a number of other services and activities, such as:

  • Children's program and teen activities (Parade Kids)
  • Parties and awards banquets, including special guest speakers
  • Goodie Store featuring jewelry, logo clothing, and automotive accessories
  • Seminars and workshops on automotive and club-related topics
  • Tours of local attractions
  • Board of Directors meeting



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