PCA National Awards

Each year at Parade, PCA's national awards are presented to deserving members and Regions. Below is a complete history of all currently active national PCA awards.



The Awards Chair, within the Parade Committee, is responsible to the Club and the PCA Executive Council (EC) for the solicitation, data compilation, and presentation to the EC of all the nominations for:

The Awards Chair assists the PCA Newsletter and Website Chairs in procuring and presenting the trophies for the Paul Heinmiller Trophy (Best Overall Newsletter), the National Newsletter Contest trophies, The Best Overall Website Trophy and the National Website Contest trophies. The Awards Chair assists the Membership Chair in procuring and presenting the awards for Actual Growth and Factored Growth and the Zone Representatives in procuring and presenting The Zone Representative Award.

Throughout the year, the Awards Chair will provide information to all Region Presidents and Zone Representatives about the awards. About January 1st of each year, the Awards Chair will solicit nominations from the Region Presidents and Zone Representatives for The Ferry Porsche “Region of the Year”, The Lazar-Blanchard Memorial “Enthusiast of the Year,” The Porsche (PCA) Family of the Year and the PCA Public Service awards. The solicitation encourages Presidents to nominate and submit entries for these four national honors and provides guidelines for the nominations. The solicitation also provides a due date for submission of nominations, normally March 1st. See Nomination Guidelines.

After the nominations are received, the Awards Chair formats the nominations so that each competes with one another on an impartial basis. The goal is to submit nominations to the EC for their review by May 1st, but not later than June 1st. The Award Chair participates with the EC to determine the recipients of the award. During the discussions, the Awards Chair provides additional information and may make recommendations, if requested, but does not have a vote to determine the recipients.

The Awards Chair is also responsible for coordinating with PCA National Headquarters to arrange for transportation of all permanent (perpetual) national award trophies to the Parade site. The perpetual trophies are those original trophies for the various National and Parade awards that are presented to the recipients. The recipients previously retained the perpetual awards and returned them to PCA each year for refurbishing and engraving, prior to the next Parade. The recipients were also awarded a “keeper” trophy, usually a plaque or a small trophy. The EC implemented a new policy in 2011 where perpetual trophies would no longer be retained by the recipients, but are returned to PCA National Headquarters immediately after Parade. (The policy was implemented in large part, since it was often complicated and expensive to return the trophies to National Headquarters.) The EC policy change also included presentation of a new “keeper” trophy that is of a size and design commensurate with the respective national award. The Awards Chair is responsible to work with the approved PCA vendor to design and procure these “keeper” trophies.

While at Parade, the Awards Chair compiles the data to determine the winner of The President’s Award (The PCA Region which had the most members traveling the longest distance to Parade) and the Parade Long Distance Award and works closely with the Master of Ceremonies to facilitate presentation of all National and Parade Awards.

During the week of Parade, the Awards Chair also assists the EC and the Parade Emcee in the presentation of all National and Parade awards. The Awards Chair also assists the Trophy Chair as needed, in the organization of all Parade trophies. Those include:

  • The four (4) National Group Concours Trophies
  • The Parade Concours Trophies
  • The Hoffman Rally Trophy
  • The Woolery Navigational Trophy
  • The Parade Autocross trophies (Fastest Time of Day, Men’s & Women’s)
  • The Parade Technical & Historic Quiz Trophies (Highest Scores, Men’s & Women’s)




The Ferry Porsche Trophy was first presented at Parade in 1961 and was sponsored by Porsche AG and the Porsche of America Corporation. The trophy is in memory of Dr. Ferdinand (Ferry) Porsche and PCA now sponsors this award. The trophy is presented to the outstanding PCA Region of the year. The trophy is “In Appreciation of Loyalty to the Porsche Car and the Porsche Idea”. The winning Region demonstrates the highest standards in meeting the objectives and ideals of the Porsche Club of America. Historically, PCA awarded the Ferry Porsche Trophy to one region. In 2010, in an effort to recognize more Regions for their outstanding achievements, the PCA Executive Committee decided to award a First and Second Runner Up for the Ferry Porsche Trophy.

2011 - Peachstate
2011 - First Runner Up - First Settlers
2011 - Second Runner Up - Niagara
2010 - Space Coast
2009 - Roadrunner
2008 - Nord Stern
2007 - San Diego
2006 - Northern New Jersey
2005 - North Country
2004 - Riesentoter
2003 - Connecticut Valley
2002 - Santa Barbara
2001 - Smoky Mountain
2000 - Oregon
1999 - San Diego
1998 - Maverick
1997 - Silver Sage
1996 - Central Pennsylvania
1995 - Loma Prieta
1994 - North Country
1993 - Metro New York
1992 - Golden Gate
1991 - Northern New Jersey
1990 - Upper Canada
1989 - Upper Canada
1988 - Northern New Jersey
1987 - Gold Coast
1986 - Northern New Jersey
1985 - Loma Prieta
1984 - Connecticut Valley
1983 - Hudson-Champlain
1982 - Chicago
1981 - Golden Gate
1980 - Rocky Mountain
1979 - Northern New Jersey
1978 - Northern New Jersey
1977 - Oregon
1976 - Rocky Mountain
1975 - Great Plains
1974 - Maumee Valley
1973 - Loma Prieta
1972 - Cascade
1971 - Sacramento Valley
1970 - Potomac
1969 - Monterey Bay
1968 - Peachstate
1967 - Orange Coast
1966 - Gold Coast
1965 - Cascade
1964 - Eastern Pennsylvania (now Riesentoter)
1963 - Los Angeles
1962 - Chicago
1961 - Golden Gate




The Glenn Lazar-Harry Blanchard Memorial Trophy was established by the late Bruce "King Carrera" Jennings as an annual award to be presented to the Region member who best exemplifies the spirit and guidelines of PCA. The award is more commonly known as the “Enthusiast of the Year” Award.

Glen Lazar was from Towson, Maryland. He was a very enthusiastic and well-liked driver who raced a Super Speedster with much success in regional and national events during the mid-to late 1950's. Mr. Jennings raced against Mr. Lazar for several years in a Super Speedster and later in Carrera Speedsters. Mr. Lazar died during a pre-race practice session at the National Lime Rock Fourth of July race in 1959 when his car veered off track and rolled four times.

Harry Blanchard was from Greenwich, Connecticut and was the owner of the Blanchard Automotive Corporation. Mr. Blanchard was “dyed in the wool” Porsche enthusiast and racer. In 1959, he won the SCCA National Production Sports Car Championship. Also in 1959, he drove an RSK to 8th place in the first and only Formula One Grand Prix at Sebring. He died in Argentina in 1960 when the RSK he was driving hit a concrete abutment.

Mr. Jennings said “Glenn Lazar and Harry Blanchard were two Porsche enthusiasts and racers who died at the wheel of their Porsches, doing what they loved best – racing.” Mr. Jennings founded the award to honor two of the finest dedicated sportsmen and Porsche production sports car racing drivers.

The recipient is a true “Porsche Enthusiast” and an outstanding member of PCA. The recipient is an exemplary participant in Region activities and shows initiative in support and organization of ongoing activities and the development of new activities. Any active member of the Porsche Club of America is eligible for this award, with the exception of any person serving in a position on the PCA National Staff during the award year.


2013 - Sherry Westfall (Shenandoah)
2012 - Jay Gratton (North Country)
2011 - Joyce Gladle (Central New York)
2010 - Amber Door (Western Michigan)
2009 - Laura Prellwitz (Fox Valley)
2008 - David Grant (Red River)
2007- Bob McLaughlin (San Diego)
2006 - Greg Phillips (San Diego)
2005- Wendy Shoffit (Maverick)
2004 - Thomas J. Brown (San Diego)
2003 - Lynn Eckles (Chesapeake)
2002 - Ellen Beck (North Country)
2001 - Matt Romanowski (North Country)
2000 - Lanean Hughes (Maverick)
1999 - Mike Joffee (Gold Coast)
1998 - Marshall “Red” Jones (Silver Sage)
1997 - Botho von Bose (Upper Canada)
1996 - George Neidel (Golden Gate)
1995 - Mark Wallenfang (Fox Valley)
1994 - Nick Peterson (Hill Country)
1993 - George McClelland (Orange Coast)
1992 - Robert Simmons (Rocky Mountain)
1991 - Mike Lommatzsch (Golden Gate)
1990 - Tom Provasi (Loma Prieta)
1989 - Bob Gutjahr (Chesapeake)
1988 - Nancy Rydbeck (San Diego)
1987 - Caryl Hatch (Blue Ridge)
1986 - Ken Daugherty (Kentucky)
1985 - Fran Ussery (Maverick)
1984 - John Paterek (Northern New Jersey)
1983 - Ginna Seth (Rocky Mountain)
1982 - Wilma White (Chicago)
1981 - Bill Patton (Golden Gate)
1980 - George Gutmann (Chicago)
1979 - Chick Misura (Rocky Mountain)
1978 - Dick Broemmel (Golden Gate)
1977 - Sandi Misura (Rocky Mountain)
1976 - Norm Martin (Rocky Mountain)
1975 - John Clever (Golden Gate)
1974 - David E. Mills (Germany)
1973 - Robert Little (Monterey Bay)
1972 - M. B. (Mick) Williams (Silver Sage)
1971 - Dwight Mitchell (Golden Gate)
1970 - Robert W. Cornell (Northeast)
1969 - Robert C. Rassa (Chesapeake)
1968 - Ernest E. Groves (Northeast)
1967 - Michael M. Robbins (Central Indian)
1966 - Burton M. Propp (Golden Gate)
1965 - Jack W. Cooper (Chicago)
1964 -Paul R. Heinmiller (Hudson Champlain)
1963 - Charles D. Beidler, Jr. (Eastern PA)




The Porsche Club of America (PCA) Family of the Year Award was originally titled the “Leroy Spanjol Memorial Award” and first presented at Parade in 1968. The award was first sponsored by the Porsche Family and now continues to be sponsored by Porsche AG. The award was renamed the Porsche Family of the Year Award and presented under this title at Parade in 1974. The trophy is presented to the PCA Family which demonstrates the most exceptional standards in support to their Region and PCA.

Any active member of the Porsche Club of America and his or her family members are eligible for this award. For purposes of this award, a family is defined as parents with children living at home, parents with no children living at home or a couple without children.

2011 - Alex, Vivian, Alex Jr and Sasha Ortega (Gold Coast)
2010 - Richard, Lisa, Alexandra and Christine Jackson (Lone Star)
2009 - Ken and Robin Koop (Yellowstone)
2008 - John and Edie Musgrove (Hill Country)
2007 - Mike, Pamela, Christopher and Julia Hodson (Santa Barbara)
2006 - John, Rose Ann and Trevor Novotnak (Pocono)
2005 - Paul, Ruth, and Paul Young, Jr. (San Diego)
2004 - Bob, Jill and Jack Beck (Arizona)
2003 - Vince, Beverly Vincent (Loma Prieta)
2002 - Wayne, Patty, Jennifer and Michelle White (Lincoln Trail)
2001 - James, Wendy and Jasmine Shoffit (Maverick)
2000 - Skip, Peggy, Leigh and Connie Carter (San Diego)
1999 - Mike, Linda, Christine and Stephen (Tarter Gold Coast)
1998 - David, Arlene, Ashley and Jarrett Novack (Northern New Jersey)
1997 - Jim, Deb and Jay Gratton (North Country)
1996 - Wayne, Laura and Tom Witten (Kansas City)
1995 - Jerry, Myra and Aubrey Sutton (Maverick)
1994 - Tom, Sandi, Christine, Michelle and Elizabeth Provasi (Loma Prieta)
1993 - David, Laura, Lyndsay and Ian Olson (Coastal Bend)
1992 - Don, Betsy, Cory and Jessi Reese (Alpine Mountain)
1991 - Phil, Merry and Pam Fix (Rocky Mountain)
1990 - Rob, Linda, Chuck and Timmy Morse (North Country)
1989 - Phillip, Cheryl, Amanda and Matthew Doty (Kentucky)
1988 - J. Kent, Beverly, Katie and Justin Early (Rocky Mountain)
1987 - Duncan, Thyra, Tiffany, Shannon, Kelly and Nicholas Foster (Motor Stadt)
1986 - Dick, Caryl and Rick Hatch (Blue Ridge)
1985 - The George Neidel Family (Golden Gate)
1984 - Jerry and Myrna Landt (Roadrunner)
1983 - Bob and Lauren Clark (Peachstate)
1982 - Terry and Judy Zaccone (Golden Gate)
1981 - Gene and Cheryl Gilpin (San Joaquin)
1980 - Mickey and Doralyn Harris (Los Angeles)
1979 - Dale and Cyndi Thero (Rocky Mountain)
1978 - Ralph and Tylee Stoesser (Northern New Jersey)
1977 - Dick and Ellen Johnson (Intermountain)
1976 - Bob and Wilma White (Chicago)
1975 - George and Shirley Neidel (Golden Gate)
1974 - Dick and Harriet Carlson (Northern New Jersey
1973 - Joyce and Jack Fuller (Gold Coast)
1972 - Joe and Diane Berger (Potomac)
1971 - Dean and Milly Bangert (Chicago)
1970 - Buss and Donna Hahn (Gold Coast)
1969 - Charles and Martha Dow (Northeast)
1968 - Don and Chris Freeman (Eastern PA)




Since PCA was formed in 1955, Regions have prioritized community service and charitable contributions. In 2002, PCA decided to recognize the unique and diverse programs implemented by Regions throughout PCA in support of public service.

The PCA Public Service Awards recognizes the Regions that have conducted the most outstanding charity or community service event or events during the year. The winning Regions demonstrate the highest standards in meeting the objectives and ideals of the Porsche Club of America in providing service and support to charities and the community. Due to the importance of public service to PCA and the number of PCA Regions involved in Public Service, it was decided to present multiple awards. Awards are presented for first, second and third place and honorable mention. The award includes a trophy and cash award.


2011 1st - Peachstate
2nd - Yellowstone
3rd - Nordstern
Honorable Mention – Central New York
Honorable Mention – Roadrunner
Honorable Mention – Vancouver Island
2010 1st - Bluegrass
2nd - Pacific Northwest
3rd - Vancouver Island
Honorable Mention - Santa Barbara
2009 1st - Connecticut Valley
2nd - Santa Barbara
3rd - Maverick
Honorable Mention - North Country
Honorable Mention - San Diego
2008 1st - Silver Sage
2nd - Southern Arizona
3rd - North Country
Honorable Mention - Cimarron
Honorable Mention - Connecticut Valley
2007 1st - Maverick
2nd - Hudson Champlain
3rd - Down East
Honorable Mention - Suncoast Florida
Honorable Mention - San Diego
2006 1st - Suncoast Florida
2nd - San Diego
3rd - Red River
Honorable Mention -Hill Country
2005 1st - Kansas City
2nd - Bluegrass
3rd - Nord Stern
Honorable Mention - Alaska
2004 1st - San Diego
2nd - Rennsport
3rd - Rocky Mountain
Honorable Mention - Red River
Honorable Mention - North Country
2003 1st - Allegheny
2nd - Red River
3rd - Northern New Jersey



This award is presented by the Zone Representatives to individuals within PCA whom, in the opinion of the thirteen Zone Representatives, have distinguished themselves by outstanding contributions to the Porsche Club of America, Inc.

The PCA Zone Representatives' Award is made solely at the discretion of the Zone Representatives. This unique award may or may not be given annually.

2011 Tim Fleming Sacramento Valley
2010 Phil Doty Bluegrass
2009 Pete Tremper Schattenbaum
2008 Bob Miller Cimarron
2007 Lanean Hughes Maverick
2006 Ruben and Janet Ledesma Gold Coast
2005 Leonard Turner Peachstate
2004 Connie Waldrop Kansas City
2003 Monte Smith Intermountain
2002 Ruth Harte Potomac
2001 Allan Caldwell Pacific Northwest
2000 Judy Hendrickson North Country
1999 Judy and John Boles Connecticut Valley
1998 Larry Wilson Sacramento Valley
1997 Don Murray Pacific Northwest
1996 Alan Friedman Potomac
1995 Drayton James Alabama
1991 Angie Herring Upper Canada
1986 Ruth Harte Potomac
1985 Bruce Anderson Golden Gate
1984 Charles Davis Maverick




The Bill Sholar Memorial Award “Sholar Award” is in honor of the founder of PCA. The award is presented to a member in recognition of outstanding contribution to PCA, above and beyond the execution of normal responsibilities. The award was created by the PCA Executive Council in 1982 after the death of Mr. Sholar. The award is presented at the discretion of the Executive Committee and may or may not be presented every year. Unlike other PCA awards, all Executive Committee, National Staff, Committee Chairs, Zone Representatives, Special Appointees and Honorary PCA members are eligible for the Sholar Award. The Sholar Award was first presented at Parade in 1982.

2011 Leonard Turner (Peachstate)
2010 Allan Caldwell (Pacific Northwest)
2009 Bob Miller (Cimarron)
2001 Alan Friedman (Potomac)
1997 Steve Jianakoplos (St. Louis)
1995 Ruth Harte (Potomac)
1991 Bruce Anderson (Golden Gate)
1989 Ashley Carroll (Connecticut Valley)
1987 Mick Williams (Silver Sage)
1985 Bob Gelles Lone (Star)
1982 Betty Jo Turner (Peachstate)




The Paul Heinmiller Memorial Trophy is awarded to the Region newsletter judged to be the most outstanding for the year. The award was donated in 1970 by the Porsche Audi Division of Volkswagen of America. Mr. Heinmiller was a past National Vice President, but his dedication and work as the editor of PANORAMA are the basis for this award. PANORAMA was a labor of love for Mr. Heinmiller and the culmination of untold hours of inadequately compensated work and many dollars of unreimbursed, personal expense. Under Mr. Heinmiller’s leadership, PANORAMA became a professionally executed publication both in physical lay-out and graphic art, as well as in refinement of its contents. Part of Mr. Heinmiller’s genius was his ability to accomplish these things without sacrificing PANO’s unique appeal as a magazine compiled of the contributions of, and dedicated to the interests of, a membership of largely amateur automotive enthusiasts. Almost every Region has members who belong to PCA because of PANORAMA and who continue to renew their memberships to receive what has become the finest single-marque, club-sponsored publication in the world. The real truth is that Mr. Heinmiller loved PANORAMA and loved being its Editor. There may be others within PCA with many of his special skills, but it's not likely that anyone will ever match Mr. Heinmiller’s special dedication to PANORAMA.

For the PCA Newsletter Contest, Regions compete in one of five classes, based on Region membership as of December 31st of the competition year. Basing the classes on Region membership is intended to ensure that Regions competing for the five separate class awards have reasonably equal resources. The Heinmiller Award does not duplicate any of the class awards. A group of judges, who are PCA members with distinguished writing, editing and design experience, evaluate each newsletter submitted and assign a score for each of the categories. In addition, points are given for the number of issues published by the Region during the year.

Wendy Shoffit is the National Newsletter Chair and may be reached for additional information at Wendy@shoffit.com.

2011 - Rocky Mountain - High Gear (Jeremy Rosenberger – Editor)
2010 - Pacific Northwest - Porsche Spiel (Barb Coplen – Editor)
2009 - Space Coast - Escape Velocity (Jack Roberts – Editor)
2008 - Northern New Jersey – Porscheforus (Melissa Hyland – Editor)
2007 - Pacific Northwest - Porsche Spiel (Barb Coplen – Editor)
2006 - Arizona - Going Places (Jill Beck – Editor
2005 - Santa Barbara - Der Auspuff (Nicolas Liakas – Editor)
2004 - Santa Barbara - Der Auspuff (Nicolas Liakas – Editor)
2003 - Santa Barbara - Der Auspuff (Sherry & Stephen Schafer – Editor)
2002 - San Diego - Windblown Witness (Harvey Cain – Editor)
2001 - San Diego - Windblown Witness (Skip Carter – Editor)
2000 - San Diego - Windblown Witness (Skip Carter – Editor)
1999 - Connecticut Valley – Challenge (John & Norene Howard – Editor)
1998 - Northeast - The Nor'Easter (David & Susana Weber – Editor)
1997 - Northeast - The Nor'Easter (David & Susana Weber – Editor)
1996 - Northeast - The Nor'Easter (David & Susana Weber – Editor)
1995 - San Diego - Windblown Witness (Howard & Lois Wasserman – Editor
1994 - North Country – Northlander (Doug & Judy Hendrickson – Editor)
1993 - Northern New Jersey – Porscheforus (Joan Mori – Editor)
1992 - Connecticut Valley – Challenge (Gary Plassman & Ray Prokoski – Editors)
1991 - San Diego - Windblown Witness (Monique Straub – Editor)
1990 - Rocky Mountain - RMR Porsche (Mike Massman – Editor)
1989 - Connecticut Valley – Challenge (Linda Goodman, Pam & Paul Kudra – Editors)
1988 - Connecticut Valley – Challenge (Linda Goodman, Pam & Paul Kudra – Editors)
1987 - Chicago - Chicago Scene (Jackie & Dennis Raucci – Editors)
1986 - San Diego - Windblown Witness (Robin Herring & John Straub – Editors)
1985 - San Diego - Windblown Witness (John Straub – Editor)
1984 - Hudson-Champlain - Air Cooled Advertiser (Mona Runyon – Editor
1983 - Rocky Mountain - RMR Porsche (Joe Holbert – Editor)
1982 - San Diego - Windblown Witness (John Straub – Editor)
1981 - Hudson-Champlain - Air Cooled Advertiser (Jim Tompkins – Editor)
1980 - Loma Prieta - The Prieta Post (Geri Murphy – Editor)
1979 - Rocky Mountain – The Newsletter (Ted Shaw – Editor)
1978 - Rocky Mountain - The Newsletter (Ted Shaw – Editor)
1977 - Potomac - der Vorganger (Ann Dorfer – Editor)
1976 - Western Michigan - Porsche Uber Alles (Shari Hoek – Editor)
1975 - Rocky Mountain - The Newsletter (Anne Barrett – Editor)
1974 - Potomac- der Vorganger (John Ward – Editor)
1973 - Rocky Mountain - Porsche Patter (Frank Barrett –Editor)
1972 - Loma Prieta - The Prieta Post (John Reed – Editor)
1971 - Oregon – Anzeiger ( Vic Kreimeyer – Editor)
1970 - Potomac - der Vorganger ( Peter & Beverly Schroeder - Editors)




Annually, PCA conducts the National Website Contest in which Region and Zone websites are judged for editorial excellence, design effectiveness, user friendliness, up-to-date content, and their usefulness to the Region and its members. As a result of the outstanding content and technical advances in past submissions, PCA decided to create an award for the Best Overall Region Website. The award will be first presented at Parade in 2012. The Best Overall Region Website Award is presented to the Region with highest overall score, regardless of class. The award will not duplicate any National Website Award Class winners. Zone websites are not eligible for this award. The Award serves to demonstrate that the real value of any Region Website is to effectively serve Region Members. The Award also demonstrates the fluidity and dynamics of web based communications and the ability of the Regions to adapt new technologies to meet the expectation of their users.

Don Roof is the National Website Chair and may be reached for additional information at Don Roof pcawebcoordinator@gmail.com

  Region Webmaster
2013 Class I - Yellowstone Ked Nilsen
  Class II - High Desert Jesse Felder
  Class III - Roadrunner Tony Richey
  Class IV - Sacramento Valley John Murphy
  Class V - Upper Canada Richard Shepard
2011 Class I - California Inland David Witteried
  Class II - Wichita Julie Bailey
  Class III - Niagara Jim Arendt
  Class IV - First Settlers Marco Estrada
  Class V - Carolinas Don Roof
2010 Class I - Magnolia Jenny Magown
  Class II - Wichita Julie Bailey
  Class III - Niagara Jim Arendt
  Class IV - First Settlers Marco Estrada
  Class V - San Diego Tom Brown
2009 Class I - Wichita Julie Bailey
  Class II - Kentucky Mark Bos
  Class III - Southern Arizona Jill Davis-Curtis
  Class IV - Arizona Jill Beck
  Class V - Upper Canada Otto Mittlestadt
2008 Class I - Magnolia Tom Hutchinson
  Class II - Palmetto Josh Stolarz
  Class III - Hill Country Suresh Hariharan
  Class IV - Nord Stern Bret Bailey
  Class V - Arizona Jill Beck
2007 Class I - High Desert Bill Shaw
  Class II - Vancouver Island Virginia Macdonald
  Class III - Las Vegas Jeff Wenger
  Class IV - Arizona Jill Beck
  Class V - San Diego Bill Ibbeston
2006 Class I - Whiskey Bay Mario Allesi
  Class II - Vancouver Island Virginia Macdonald
  Class III - Southern Arizona Wendy Walker
  Class IV - North Country Nick Shanny
  Class V - Upper Canada Peter Carroll
2005 Upper Canada Peter Carroll
2004 Upper Canada Peter Carroll
2003 Upper Canada Peter Carroll
2002 San Diego Gary Samad




In 1990, PCA implemented a campaign to increase membership. The campaign was successful and almost 900 new members were enrolled. Based on this success, in 1991 PCA established a National Membership Competition to continue to stimulate growth. The award was first presented at Parade in 1992. Originally the recipient of the award was determined by a formula that equalized each Region’s growth, regardless of size. In 1998, PCA added a second category to recognize the Region with the highest net growth. Today the awards are known as Greatest Factored Growth and Greatest Actual Growth. The same Region cannot receive both awards. The recipients receive both a trophy and cash payment from PCA.

The competition runs from January 1 – December 31 of each year. A Region must be have been chartered by December 31 of the preceding year to be eligible for the award. New member applications and applications for renewal must be received at the National Office by close of business on December 31 of each year.

If a Region is no longer chartered during the competition year, the beginning membership total of the Region that is no longer chartered will be added to membership total of the Region to which those members were transferred. If a Region is downsized because a new Region is created, the membership total of the downsized Region is reduced by the number of members transferred to the new Region when the new Region is chartered.

The National Membership Competition is administered by the PCA National Membership Committee and does not require a nomination from the Regions. Sean Reardon is the National Membership Chair and can be contacted at reardon911@gmail.com for more information about the National Membership Competition.



2011 Puerto Rico Upper Canada Region
2010 Ark-La-Tex Rocky Mountain
2009 Red River Upper Canada
2008 Space Coast Carolinas
2007 Sierra Nevada Lone Star
2006  Great Plains  Upper Canada
2005 Hurricane Suncoast Florida
2004  Vancouver Island San Diego
2003 Dakotas Carolinas
2002 Santa Barbara Connecticut Valley
2001 Hill Country Upper Canada
2000 Chesapeake Golden Gate
1999 Sonnenschein Metro New York
1998 Polar Region  
1997 Cascade Region  
1996 Wild Rose Region  
1995 Grand Prix Region  
1994 Grand Prix Region  
1993 Coastal Bend Region  
1992 Upper Canada  


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