Parade Volunteers

The Parade is a national PCA event and is managed by the national Parade Committee. Volunteers have discovered an excellent way to get the most out of the club is by pitching in and helping. You know how fun it is to work at your regional events, here is the chance to do it at a national level.   

Volunteers are needed at two levels:  Parade management, which is taking charge of some aspect of the Parade week. This can be a specific event or a necessary service, such as securing equipment.  Please note that this requires a time commitment that is significantly more than the Parade week itself.  If you would like to volunteer at a management level, please contact the National Parade Committee Chair.

Secondly, many volunteers are required throughout the week of Parade to handle the numerous tasks; such as directing traffic at the Concours, crowd control at the autocross, or setting up decorations at a banquet., You will have the opportunity during the Parade registration process to indicate what times and events at which you would be interested in helping.  Please help out, it will be worth your while.

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