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"Anatole ÒTonyÓ Lapine
Porsche's head of design from 1969 to 1988"
"Anatole ÒTonyÓ Lapine
Porsche's head of design from 1969 to 1988"
914/6 Diablo (B. J. Turner) 1988, Feb. p 4
914, Panorama Road Test: 1970 914 (Bob Rassa) 1970, Jan. p 4
What's This? George Keck 's G K Special (Dick Stief) 1959, Jan. p 10
Supercharged 1500 Normal, The Sleeper and It's Keeper 1958, Mar. p 4
Supercharged 1500 Normal, More on the Sleeper 1958, May. p 18
Speedster, Psych study of a speedster 1959, Jun. p 6
Personalizing a Super 90 (Glenn Kelty) 1962, May. p 11
Convertible D New Model 1958, Jul. p 14, Aug. p 15
Beutler, Porsche 4 seater (By Beutler) 1961, May. p 3
Beutler, More on the Beutler Porsche 1959, Feb. p 16
Abarth Carrera 1588cc, photo 1962, Sep. p 12
356C, Porsche introduces new 356 C 1963, Sep. p 3
356C, Is a 356C coming 1963, Mar. p 13
356B S-90 Coupe Ten in a Ninety (W F Woolery) 1960, Dec. p 18
356B, Region views Carrera 2 (C. L. Binna) 1963, Mar. p 23
356B, Photo First Carrera 2 in USA 1962, Dec. p 24
356B, Further thoughts on 1962 changes (John Kent) 1962, May. p 15
356B, Driver's Report on 1962 Changes (John Kent) 1962, Mar. p 13
356B, Further impressions of the 356B 1960, Mar. p 4
356B one year later 1960, Dec. p 14
356B, Super 90 test 1960, Apr. p 12
356B, Impressions of the 356 B 1959, Nov. p 7