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356A & First Carrera: Legacy of 1955 (P. Kelly) 1985, Dec. p 108
356A, Johnson's Carrera (B.J. Turner) 1983, Nov. p 4
356A Zuffenhausen Thoroughbred: Carrera GT Coupe (P. Kelly) 199, Feb. p 46
356B 1000 GS/GT: The Carrera Nobody Knows (B. Oursler) 1995, Jul. p 20
356B On Display at Brainerd: Arch Monson's Amazing 356B 1977, May. p 4
356B, Were There Really Two 356Bs? (C. White) 1979, May. p 44
356C Coupe, A Car for All Seasons (D. Osborne) 1985, Jul. p 4
356 GS/GT Porsches: Good Old Days (T. Standen, J. Perrin) 1973, Feb. p 10
356 SL, First Racing Porsches (B. Oursler) 1991, Jun. p 20
356 SLs and Spyders, First Winners (B. Oursler) 1994, Dec. p 36
356 SL: Reaching for Greatness (B. Oursler) 1997, Feb. p 2
550, First Spyders (B. Oursler) 1992, Mar. p 52
550, Lippmann Spyder (P. Kelly) 2000, Dec. p 20
550, Porsche Spyder 1956, Jan. 4
550 Spyder, Discovery at Le Mans '58 two-liter Spyder (B. Oursler) 1998, Jun. p 20
550, Spell of the Spyders 1997, Apr. p 36
550 Spyder 1956, Jul. p 1
550 Spyders & Speedsters: Porsches on the Track in (P. Kelly) 1955 1985, Dec. p 96
645, Mickymaus The Infamous Porsche 645 (B. Oursler) 1990, Nov. p 2
718 Spyders: Giant Killers (B. Oursler) 1992, Apr. p 2
718, Grossmutter: The W-RS Spyder (B. Oursler) 1991, Sep. p 2
901 Prototype: Soul Survivor (F. Barrett) 1993, Sep. p 32
904 Carrera GTS (J. Perrin) 1973, Dec. p 4
904 Carrera GTS: Porsche Charisma (J. Pasha) 1995, Dec. p 68
904, Domesticating a 904 (V. Covert) 1968, Oct. p 4