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Fageol Special: A Push-Pull Porsche (J. McDermott) 1985, Jul. p 18
Follmer and the Porsche -Powered Lotus (B. Oursler) 1993, Mar. p 22
From Gmünd to Stuttgart (B. Oursler) 1998, May. p 14
Glöckler Porsches Part I (F. Barrett) 1983, Aug. p 4
Glöckler Porsches Part II (F. Barrett) 1983, Sep. p 10
Glory on the Grass Part 1 (P. Kelly) 1991, Oct. p 76
Glory on the Grass Part 2 (P. Kelly) 1991, Nov. p 60
Glory on the Grass Part 3 (P. Kelly) 1991, Dec. p 68
Hybrid Champion 1983 Porsche-March (B. Oursler) 1993, Jan. p 29
Little Bastard: James Deans Spyder (L. Raskin) 1984, Jul. p 12
Louis Vuitton Classic (J. Paterek) 1997, Jan. p 53
Lure of the Open Wheel (B. Oursler) 1996, Oct. p 2
Masters of the Mountain (B. Oursler) 1992, May. p 2
Memory Magic Monterey! (B. J. Turner) 1998, Oct. p 2
Misadventure in Formula One (B. Oursler) 2000, Jul. p 68
Monterey Glory: A Tribute to Porsche (D. Miller) 1982, Oct. p 4
Mystery Scuderia (J. McDermott) 1986, Apr. p 26
On Preserving the Breed (C. Weller) 1970, Dec. p 10
Once Upon A Time in 1971: Part 4: The Sarthe (M. Keyser) 1996, Jan. p10
Once Upon A Time in 1972 Part 1: From Stuttgart to Sicily (M. Keyser) 1995, Aug. p 21
Once Upon A Time in 1972 Part 2: From Stuttgart to the Eifel and Back (M. Keyser) 1995, Nov. p 28
Once Upon A Time in 1972 Part 3: The Targa Florio (M. Keyser) 1995, Sep. p 2
Other Porsche at Frankfurt 356C (J. Perrin) 1988, Sep. p 10
Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance (L. Goodman) 1998, Oct. p 16
Perfect Harmony: Porsche and McLaren (B. Oursler) 1997, Sep. p 2