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911E test by 'Autocar' 1969, Jan. p 10
911L Owner's Report (R. Chaney) 1969, Oct. p 13
911S, Panorama tries out the 911S 1966, Nov. p 3
911S, Car Reviews 911S 1967, Feb. p 16
911S, Autocar tests Porsche 911S 1967, Jan. p 5
911S, Chaney sees loophole in ban on importing 1968, Feb. p 18
911SC, Special Edition Weissach Coupe Arrives 1980, Sep. p 20
911SC, Porsche's 911 Cabriolet 1981, Nov. p 44
911SC Cabriolet Goes on Sale in Europe 1982, Apr. p 34
911SC Cabriolet 1983, Feb. p 4
911SC, Lightweight Heritage the 911SC/RS & Company (P. Kelly) 1985, Aug. p 4
911T, Driving the 1972 Porsche 911T (Bob Rassa) 1971, Nov. p 5
911T Extended use report: 100000 miles 1969 911T Targa (R. & S. Abbott) 1977, Jul. p 26
Celebrity in our Midst, 911 20th Anniversary (J. Farris) 1984, Apr. p 22
Convertible 911 Conversion: Innovation by Design 1984, Feb. p 4
Futures, 911 Speculation (D. Spaulding) 1988, Sep. p 80
Kremer Porsche 1987 911 Road Warrior (B. J. Turner) 1987, Jul. p 74
Speedster Fever: High Tech 911 Nostalgia (B. J. Turner) 1987, Oct. p 4
Speedster 911 from Frankfurt (B. J. Turner) 1987, Nov. p 4
Sportomatic 1967, Dec. p 10
Sportomatic, Chaney tries the Sportomatic (R. W. Chaney) 1967, Jun. p 5
Sportomatic Impressions (G. McClelland) 1969, Jan. p 20
Sportomatic, three months with 911E Sportomatic (Charles Justus Wick) 1969, Oct. p 19
Targa debuts at Frankfurt Show 1965, Nov. p 3
Targa, three styling specialists analyze Targa 1966, Mar. p 24