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International 928 Gathering (C. B. Novak) 1999, Jan. p 62
Swan Song: The Porsche 928 (K. Crumb) 1995, Dec. P 100
2000 Boxster Models (A. Caldwell) 2000, Feb. p 2
Boxster, Good Vibrations Porsche's new car (B. J. Turner) 1992, Mar. p 24
Boxster, Back to the Future: Porsche Boxster (B. J. Turner) 1993, Feb. p 2
Boxster, The Heart of a Boxster (H-P Leicht) 1995, Apr. p 20
Boxster, Anticipation! Boxster and more (P. Albrecht) 1995, Dec. p 20
Boxster, The Real Boxster (B. J. Turner) 1996, Apr. p 10
Boxster, More News (B. J. Turner) 1996, Aug. p 20
Boxster, Bravo Boxster! (B. J. Turner) 1996, Nov. p 2
Boxster, Inside the Boxster (A. Caldwell) 1997, Apr. p 2
Boxster coverage Letters (B. Davis, J. Williams) 1997, Jan. p 38
Boxster 2.7, Upgraded "Basic" Boxster for 2000 1999, Sep. p 8
Boxster S, Super Boxster (L. Turner) 1999, Sep. p 2
Boxster S, Secret Weapon: Tiptronic S (L. Turner) 1999, Sep. p 5
Racing Boxster (R. Taylor) 1998, Mar. p 24
Kudos for the Boxster S 2000, Mar. p 70
Supercharged Boxster (B. Anderson) 1998, Mar. p 20
Uusikaupunki Porsche - Boxsters from Finland (B. J. Turner) 1998, Feb. p 2
1962, New for 1962 1961, Sep. p 12
1967 Porsches announced 1966, Oct. p 10
1967 Porsche production cut 1967, Jan. p 28
1968 Porsches 1967, Nov. p 4
1968 Porsche lineup 1967, Sep. p 4
1968 POAC representative predicts fuel injection 1968, Jan. p 32