Panorama Photo Gallery - February 2012

This month PANORAMA presents a pair of features on the iconic 962 race car. Bill Oursler tells the story of the battle of wills between IMSA and Porsche that brought the car into being, while Dale Kistemaker relives a lap of Le Mans in 1985 riding shotgun with Derek Bell. For this month’s gallery, enjoy Leonard Turner’s photographs of the prototype racer that dominated endurance racing in the 1980s. We refer you to the magazine for all the full story of the 956/962. How do you get your copy of the magazine? Join PCA. Porsche Panorama is a prime benefit of membership!

There’s more great reading in the February issue of PANORAMA. Live out of a Boxster with Jeremy and Karen Goddard as they tent their way through the Southwest. Learn all you need to know about getting signed up for the Parade in Salt Lake City this summer. Stay up to date on what’s new in Europe with Michael and Andrew Cotton and keep abreast of automotive news with Bob Rassa’s Street Talk. All in the current issue of PORSCHE PANORAMA—yours every month when you join PCA.