Weissach engineers, led by 911 project manager August Achleitner, recently took a small group of journalists along with the Porsche development team as they completed final chassis tuning tests in South Africa—and provided plenty of photographs of the heavily camouflaged cars. Even covered in decals to disguise the lines of the car scheduled to be introduced at Frankfurt in September, the car is unmistakably all 911.

The 991 is wider, lighter, longer and lower than the 997 with a more severely raked windshield and new rear spoiler and sunroof systems. Britain’s Autocar indicates that the base car is to have a 3.4-liter engine with the same bore and stroke as the Boxster S putting out some 350 hp, while the “S” version of the 991 will have a 3.8 of 400 hp, both engines hitting redline at 7800.

Power is to be transferred through one of two seven-speed boxes: an improved PDK dual clutch or the manual, which they describe as a “manually controlled single clutch version of PDK.” Gear ratios are said to be the same in both boxes except for a somewhat shorter top gear in the manual box.

Car and Driver quotes Achleitner, who is in charge of the entire 911 range, as indicating that a “best setup” on the 991 turned a 7 min 37 sec trip around the Nürburgring Nordschleife, down in GT2 territory. Porsche is said to have given a provisional 0-60 of 4.5 seconds and a top speed of 186 mph for the 991.






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