Target Audience Analysis 2013

Why advertise in Porsche Panorama?

Today it is more important than ever to target the right consumer for the right product. If your company or client produces high quality products or offers services appropriate for people who own Porsches, it is worth your time to explore the advertising possibilities offered by Porsche Panorama, the award-winning national magazine of the Porsche Club of America.

Who are Panorama readers?

One-hundred percent of our readers own at least one Porsche, and many own more than one. Porsche Panorama subscriptions are limited exclusively to members of the Porsche Club of America for which Porsche ownership is the first requirement for membership. Income spread shows that 81% of our subscribers have household income over $100,000, 57% exceed $150,000 and 29% of our members have an HHI exceeding $250,000.

Editorially sound

Fully 95% of PCA members list their Panorama subscription has an important reason for belonging to PCA. In 2012 Porsche Panorama completes its 57th year as the national magazine of the largest Porsche club in the world. There is no magazine that covers the entire Porsche experience from introduction of new models to user-friendly technical assistance in the depth that Panorama provides. No other magazine in the United States has the publishable access to top Porsche executives and engineers who regularly provide in Panorama the insider’s view of the marque craved by PCA members.

Target audience coverage

While Porsche Panorama subscribers are avid Porsche enthusiasts eager to absorb everything published about their favorite marque, an astonishing 56% do not regularly read any other Porsche-only magazine; our readers depend on Porsche Panorama as a prime source of Porsche-related information. Panorama’s longevity and its present vitality can been seen in the fact that there is a lively secondary market for “used” copies. More than 70% of our subscribers save each copy.


One-hundred percent of Panorama’s subscribers are at dead center of the high-end automotive owners target group. Cost per thousand for a 4C full page is under $40. Because every reader is an owner-user, there is zero waste circulation.

Panorama’s average subscriber has been an owner/member for five years; he is a prime aftermarket automotive consumer who is intensely  interested in making intelligent choices about automotive consumables like accessories, tires, gasoline, oil, filters and car care products that will preserve the life of his Porsche. His interest in and choice of Porsche for his personal transportation needs is a potent indicator of his appreciation for quality in the products he buys - whether it's automotive, time pieces, audio/video equipment, or other luxury items.

Circulation vitality

Porsche Panorama is not ABC/BPA audited. Its circulation is limited exclusively to members of the Porsche Club of America and is tested by Periodicals postage audit. There are approximately 1500 copies each month sent to prospective members, Porsche dealers and Porsche AG management. Aside from those copies, the entire circulation goes to paid-in-full members of PCA. There are no newsstand sales and there is no arrears circulation.

There are no subscription discounts of any kind for Panorama. All of our subscribers pay the full price of PCA membership in order to receive Panorama. Circulation growth is obviously limited by the exclusive requirements of Porsche Club of America membership, but PCA continues to thrive.

Intense involvement

The requirement that all subscribers be Porsche owners is a powerful qualifier that separates the Panorama reader from general automotive enthusiasts and casual Porsche admirers. Our demographic survey shows the Panorama reader to have not only an intense involvement with his vehicle but a reliance on Panorama to provide him with the necessary information to further his enjoyment of his car. The Panorama reader profile describes a discriminating, active consumer whose income permits the purchase of top quality products.

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