Panorama Photo Gallery - January 2011

This month PANORAMA covers the introduction of the new 911 Carrera GTS and the debut of the Cayman R at the Los Angeles Auto Show. You can view the actual reveal of the Cayman R right here in our Photo/Video Gallery. For this month’s photo gallery we give you an up-close look at the details of the Cayman R. We refer you to the magazine for a photo essay on Porsche and PCA at the LA Show, along with a first drive report on the sensational Carrera GTS. How do you get your copy? Join PCA. Porsche Panorama is a prime benefit of membership!


The January issue is packed with even more special features. You’ll meet PCA’s Enthusiast of the Year, Amber Door; read about First Settlers Region’s Air and Auto Classic; and Carrera Region’s Oktoberfiesta. Learn the latest on Revive the Passion, the Porsche Classic 911T restoration project, and discover how the Cayenne Turbo S has made itself a name as a movieland camera car. Bill Burris continues the transformation of his Boxster and Allan Caldwell briefs us on heating systems. Add our award winning columns and departments and you have plenty of great reading in the current issue of PORSCHE PANORAMA—yours every month when you join PCA.