Panorama Photo Gallery - March 2010

In the March issue, we cover Porsche’s victory at the 24 Hours of Daytona, all the more surprising because it was powered by a V8 Cayenne-based engine. Our March gallery revisits the race, one of the coldest and wettest in Daytona’s cold and wet history. Take a walk through the pits via photos shot by Leonard Turner. We refer you to the magazine for the full story and even more articles. How do you get your copy? Join PCA. Porsche Panorama is a prime benefit of membership!

Check out the March issue for the full story on the race, including the fun at the PCA Corral. Read about three new 911 models, plus a V6 Panamera, see what’s taking Porsche’s Type 64’s place in Zuffenhausen while it’s on display in the United States, and learn about horsepower versus miles per gallon on the Global Warming front. You’ll also discover an account of a cross country Boxster journey, a story featuring one normal guy’s path from grandstands to driver’s seat and some interesting perspective from one of PCA’s founding members. It’s all great reading in the current issue of Porsche Panorama.

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