Panorama Photo Gallery - October 2010

This month PANORAMA features a salon on one of the rarest of Porsche-powered race cars—the TAG McLaren-Porsche MP4/3 today owned by Matt Drendel. These Porsche V6 powered F1 vehicles took McLaren to three Grand Prix World Championships in the 1980s. That set us to thinking about other Porsche single-seaters and for this month’s gallery we share a collection of Porsche single-seat race cars from F1 and F2 to Indy. We refer you to the magazine for the full story on the McLaren-Porsche and even more articles. How do you get your copy? Join PCA. Porsche Panorama is a prime benefit of membership!

In the October issue you can also check out Porsche factory driver Patrick Long’s account of driving the 911 GT3 R Hybrid, visit the Legends of the Autobahn event at Monterey, have a look at the new 911 Carrera GTS and read European Editor Michael Cotton’s harrowing account of the 1985 Manufacturers World Championship season. Also on tap are regional features from Alpine Mountain and Nord Stern Regions. Add our award winning columns and departments and you have plenty of great reading in the current issue of PORSCHE PANORAMA—yours every month when you join PCA.