Daytona 2011

Monday, January 31

Sorry I couldn’t get back to the blog during the race. It was a tough 24 hours, but in the end it was a ton of fun. We knew we were in a pretty deep hole early in the race, but we battled back to regain as many laps as we could. We bounced back to run as high as 11th place in class and overall, but a small fire in the engine bay in the 22nd hour ended the effort.

The Lizards were very clear that they wanted us to stay motivated and keep pushing the car. It was great to be able to pass the entire DP field and eventual overall winners in the process. It's a small consolation, but we'll be back to fight another day.

Daytona is all about chasing the watch, and there are lots of years of chasing left. Some years, it goes like it did this time, and other years, it all goes perfectly. Congratulations to the #01 Ganassi car, and we'll hope to be back next year chasing an overall victory.

Sunday 11:10 a.m.

Editor’s Note: After Patrick’s first stint in the Rolex 24, the Flying Lizard Porsche-Riley was just outside the lead in P2, but the team subsequently lost 19 laps during a 35-minute repair to a front radiator and splitter caused when Seth Neiman was forced to go off the track to avoid spinning cars in front of him. Through the night the team has clawed its way back up through the ranks—hampered by a three hour caution on account of fog between 5 and 8 a.m. Patrick is in the car now, running 11th overall. When he’s able, he’ll do his best to check back in with us.

Saturday 2:00 p.m.

It’s race day and the Flying Lizard Porsche-Riley is on the pole!

After a lot of preparation by the Lizards and a good test, we’re optimistic about the pace and the set up of our car. I’m thrilled to be back in a Daytona Prototype for the first time since 2007. It figures to be a very competitive race and it’s always special to be racing against as many international stars as you do at Daytona.

I have to congratulate the Lizard boys. Jörg nailed an insane, last ditch lap and we’re sitting on the pole for the Rolex. It’s safe to say there’s a spring in everyone’s step after quali, but the hard work starts now.

Thanks for all the messages and well wishes. I’ll check back as often as I can.

Here's some video that will bring you up to date on what has been happening at the track:






Here's some video from night practice on Thursday: