Region, Zone, Register, and Parade Web Hosting

PCA offers free web hosting for chartered Regions, Zones, official SIGs/Registers, and annual PCA Parades. If you'd like us to host your content contact the Website Hosting Coordinator, found on the Contacts page.

You provide the site content authoring, and we'll provide hosting services and system maintenance on a Windows Server 2003 system. You may publish via FTP or (by request) FrontPage Server Extensions.

Note: FTP inbound connections are limited. This is one of the safeguards used to protect our site. Your FTP client must be configured to limit connections and detect server responses regarding excessive connections. Also, use FTP Passive mode for connections.

We do not offer individual PCA member or personal web hosting at this time.


  • Free to any PCA chartered Region, Zone, SIG/Register, Parade, or Escape
  • Plenty of disk space - no specific limits (but be reasonable please!)
  • Runs on a dedicated 4-core virtual server with 4GB memory
  • 40Mbps Internet bandwidth
  • FTP-based publishing
  • Optional DotNetNuke content management system for rapid web development by non-programmers and without software tools
  • Can host secure websites with the security certificate (https)
  • Daily backups of content and data with time-based retention
  • Protected by a tight firewall, the latest software patches, and proactive monitoring
  • Access to your IIS log files by request, so you can generate your own access and usage reports

Hosting Platform

Your web site will be hosted on the platform:

  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008
  • Internet Information Services 7 with .NET 3.5 Framework, ASP and ASP.NET scripting
  • SQL Server 2005
  • DotNetNuke version 4.9.4 content management system (optional)
  • PHP version 5.2 (SQL Server and MySQL supported)
  • Dell PowerEdge 2950 server: 2 x quad-core 2.0GHz Intel CPUs (8 processing cores total), 4GB RAM, RAID-5 SAS disks

DotNetNuke Deployment

While PCA is pleased to offer the DotNetNuke Community Edition CMS for use by our Region websites we are not able to offer DNN support, training, programming, or design.  We recommend visiting for tutorials and third party programming and development support.

Regions may wish to install additional modules on their Region site.  While we encourage exploring and utilizing all of the features available to DNN-based sites please be aware that individual Regions are responsible for purchasing their own modules.  At this time we do not offer a default PCA skin.

Domain Names

We can host your Region's site even if you wish to have a private domain name. Just register your domain name, and let us know its name. We'll configure the server to automatically route people to your web site. Set your domain's IP address to

Technical Support

For support and all questions related to PCA web hosting, contact both the Website Committee volunteers found on the PCA Contacts page. Email is the best way to contact PCA for support. Note that PCA provides support for hosting and related issues, but not website programming or design.


Programming for the server is straightforward. You may provide static or dynamic HTML, ASP, or ASP.NET scripts. We offer a PHP interpreter too. Parent Paths are disabled for security reasons; this affects all object paths in your HTML so please be aware of this. You may program your web pages to work for any browser combinations you choose - it's up to you. We recommend using code which will work properly across the largest possible browser community, rather than just the latest version of one company's browser. Test your site with various browsers to make sure it looks as intended!

While you may post multimedia content, videos are very demanding of Internet bandwidth and consume a resource shared by other Regions and datacenter users. Please limit your posting of videos, and use the shortest playtime possible.

We do not offer live debugging ability on the production server. You will need to build and fully debug your applications on your own development system and then upload the complete result. Note that you can always deploy a hidden test site to check functionality without upsetting your main Region website.

Default Home Page File Names

There are numerous file names you may use as your default page in any web directory. This is the web page which is automatically served to users who do not specifically request a file, i.e., The priority ordering of these default file names are as follows (top is most important):

  • default.aspx
  • default.asp
  • default.htm
  • index.php

Prohibited Files

To prevent virus infection of PCA's server, and protect users, the following files cannot be upload to a hosted website:

  • *.exe
  • *.com
  • *.vbs
  • *.bat
  • *.cmd

Other PCA Website Hints & Tips

The Region Procedures Manual (RPM) has helpful information about creating and maintaining a PCA website. You may find this material on the Forms & Documents page under Region Management.

Website Contest

At Parade 2002 in Boise, Idaho, PCA inaugurated a new National award - the Website Contest. The contest was conceived to promote improved, active websites via competition and recognition. Regions may enter the contest annually; website contest forms are distributed to all webmasters typically in March, a few months before Parade. Entries are due in May with the winners being announced at Parade. Review the contest rules in the Forms & Documents area, under National Awards > Website Contest.

Content Policy

PCA is a family-oriented club and as such, your website must avoid certain types of content. PCA reserves the right to immediately remove, without notice, any content deemed inappropriate. This includes, but is not limited to, web pages with the following content:

  • Profanity
  • Nudity
  • Threatening language
  • Attacks or slurs

Web authors should also insure that all of their content may be legally posted and does not infringe upon a copyright. Web authors are responsible for understanding and following copyright regulations. PCA will not be responsible for any Region violating such regulations. Be sure that your Region corporation owns the rights to your website content.

The use of certain trademarks and graphics of Porsche AG and Porsche Cars North America are granted to PCA and its chartered regions under a license agreement. This agreement defines the manner in which those properties may be used. All PCA websites must comply with the terms of the license agreement. Please refer to the usage guidelines published in the Forms & Documents page for further details.

Disclaimer Of Liability:

Services are provided on an as-is, as available basis. PCA shall not be responsible for any damages arising from the customer's use of PCA's hosting services or by the customer's inability to use PCA's hosting services. PCA shall not be liable to the customer for any special, incidental or consequential damages under any circumstances.

FTP Publishing

  • Connect to ftp://<your-region-code> Do not enter a directory name or region subdirectory, and do not try connecting to
  • Supply your user name and password credentials. Note that the password is sent via clear-text and can be intercepted on the internet.
  • Select Passive mode (PASV).
  • You will automatically be put into your region's directory and you'll have full access to your tree. You will not have access to any other location.
  • When you are done, disconnect from the PCA FTP server by terminating your FTP program as appropriate.

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