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Avoiding Scams/Buyer Safety

Avoiding Fraud and Scams

While we haven't seen much fraudulent activity here on the PCA classifieds, there is no guarantee that all ads are from reputable sellers or all accounts are legitimate. Our Member Services team checks new accounts daily to look for suspicious activity, but scammers are persistent and constantly look for ways to get around the system.

If you notice a suspicious ad or seller, please flag the ad and email to notify us.  (

Please note: PCA does not send text messages to members. If you receive a text saying it is from PCA Admin, do not respond as it may be a scam. For communications through the Contact form on your ad, the buyer and seller accounts can be identified. However, if someone initially contacts you by phone, PCA cannot track the account holder.

Our advice to buyers:

Meet the seller and check out the car in person.

Watch out for these signs of a potential scammer:

  • Scammers will generally reach out by text or phone, not through the contact system. If they use the contact system, we can quickly identify the account, and they want to avoid that. If a buyer or seller contacts you by text or phone, exercise due diligence
  • Many times the language isn’t quite right - poor grammar/spelling
  • The asking price on a car is unusually low. If a deal sounds too good to be true, there’s a chance it is
  • The seller requires payment via money wire. Do not wire money unless you are absolutely sure the ad is not a scam! Once wired money lands in the account, it cannot be recovered
  • The seller offers to ship the vehicle to you or requires a third party
  • A buyer or seller ask for your username or password or other account information

If you suspect or are a victim of fraudulent activity, please report it to the police. You may also report it to the U.S. Internet Crime Complaint Center ( and the Federal Trade Commission (

Buyer Safety Tips

Porsche Club of America's classifieds section, The Mart, is a great place to find your next Porsche, parts, and items with the peace of mind that PCA members have posted them for sale.

In spite of the security afforded by requiring members to log into their accounts to use The Mart, we are constantly on the lookout for ads in violation of The Mart rules and fraudulent ads. You can help us ensure The Mart remains a friendly place to browse for Porsches and other items by:

Below are links to helpful articles about the steps you should take to protect yourself from fraudulent activity when using any classified ad service whether online or off.

Public Service Announcement — Federal Bureau of Investigation

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"Buying A Car Online? Here Are A Few Tips To Avoid Scams" — Autoblog

And remember, PCA doesn't handle transactions in The Mart — the actual commerce is up to you.