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Chicago area PCA member offers services and funds to local medical providers

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Article by Jim Hemig
Images by Andy Bizub

PCA Chicago Region member Andy Bizub owns a two-location repair business in the Chicago area specializing in Porsche vehicles, named Midwest Performance Cars. During the month of April, Andy and his team provided free oil change services to any nurses, with any brand of car, and donated 5% of the gross revenue for the month to Project C.U.R.E. Project C.U.R.E. is one of the largest nonprofit organizations in the world that delivers medical supplies and equipment. Project C.U.R.E. collects funds and equipment, and sorts donated medical supplies and equipment from manufacturers, hospitals, and surpluses and then distributes the supplies and equipment based on a needs assessment of the local hospitals.

For May, Andy donated $1,004 each week to a local baker who owns a business named Justice of the Pies. Business owner Maya-Camille Broussard was making hot, boxed meals and giving them out to four area hospitals.

Both of these amazing communities’ contributions had a positive impact on everyone in Andy’s business, as they realized how lucky they are to still be in business and healthy, serving their clients in the PCA community.

Andy Bizub explained his motivation: “We try to live the frequent PCA adage, ‘it's about the people,’ through our daily work here. Well, a lot of people outside the Porsche community needed help and we all felt this was a great way to represent one thing that PCA is about: connecting with and helping others.”

Every year across Porsche Club of America, members are making a difference with many heartwarming and thoughtful acts of kindness. The above are a few of those community contributions. Be sure to check e-Brake News to read more about PCA Regions making a difference and visit the Members Making a Difference page for additional past articles. If your Region has a charitable activity or event that you would like to share, contact us to share the story.