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Club Racing Contacts

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Name Title
Vicki Earnshaw National Club Racing Chair
Bryan Henderson Chief National Steward
Susan Shire National Licensing & Program Coordinator
Ryan Carignan National Club Racing Business Manager
Steve Rashbaum National Sponsor Contingency Programs Coordinator
Walt Fricke Technical & Rules Coordinator
Gary Knoblauch Championship Points Coordinator/National Steward
David Murry National Club Racing Coach
Dave Derecola National 944 Cup Coordinator/Advocate Committee 944 Cup
Frederick Pfeiffer National Vintage Coordinator
Skip Carter Club Racing News/Editor
Bob Barker Cayman GT4CS Trophy East Tech Coordinator
West Dillard Cayman GT4CS Trophy East Coordinator/National Steward
Michael Hoke National Steward
Robert Jones National Steward
Allen Shirley National Steward
William Miller National Steward
Dave Rodenroth National Steward
John Poor National Steward
Donna Amico National Scrutineer/Advisory Committee/Safety Committee
Keith Fritze Advocate Committee SPC/National Scrutineer
Jerry Austin National Scrutineer
Pedro Bonilla National Scrutineer
Brian Gay Chief National Scrutineer
Pat Heptig National Scrutineer
Daniel Jacobs National Scrutineer
Brent Knoll National Scrutineer
Bob Linville National Scrutineer
Ken Mack National Scrutineer
Lori Schutz National Scrutineer
Mike Mulligan National Scrutineer
Joel Nannis National Scrutineer
Franklin Pray National Scrutineer
Mark Repka National Scrutineer
Brian Thomas National Scrutineer
Daniel Thompson National Scrutineer
Michael Wingfield Advisory Committee/Chief National Timing & Scoring Tech
David Anderson National Timing & Scoring Tech
Denise Knight National Timing & Scoring Tech
Bruce McPherson National Timing & Scoring Tech
Roland Nieves National Timing & Scoring Tech
Chuck Perilli National Timing & Scoring Tech
Simon Pontin National Timing & Scoring Tech
Rory Savage National Timing & Scoring Tech
George Schaefer National Timing & Scoring Tech
Harry Kintzi National Medical Committee Coordinator
Wayne Brown National Medical Committee
Dean DeBroekert National Medical Committee
Matt DiStefano National Medical Committee
Paul Gutowski National Medical Committee
Steve Heim National Medical Committee
Chris Kaufmann National Medical Committee
Ray Rodriguez National Medical Committee
Bruce Boeder Advisory Committee/Safety Committee
Glen Gatlin Advisory Committee
Christopher Musante Advisory Committee
Pat Williams Advocate Committee GT1 - GT3
Paul Young Advocate Committee GT4 - GT6
Cory Friedman Advocate Committee GTA
Kimberly Fritze Advisory Committee
Spencer Cox Advocate Committee GTB
Alan Benjamin Advocate Committee GTC1/GTC2
Carl Tallardy Advocate Committee GTP1 - GTP2
Doug Crossman Advocate Committee A - G
Steve Coomes Advocate Committee SP1 - SP2
Brian Weathered Advocate Committee SP3
Robert Murillo Advocate Committee SP911
David Hodges Advocate Committee SP996
John Gladwill Advocate Committee SPB
Bret Bailey Club Racing Webmaster