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Driven Racing Oil's Porsche Boxster project is rolling test bed for oil development

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Above: Flat 6 Innovations installed the M96 engine in this 1999 Boxster that Driven purchased to use as a rolling test bed for Porsche specific lubricants.

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In cooperation with LN Engineering and Flat 6 Innovations, Driven Racing Oil purchased a 1999 Porsche 986 that had suffered an IMS bearing failure. The engine was removed, and Driven purchased a replacement 2.5 liter M96 engine from SSF Auto Parts. The RND engine features an IMS Retrofit replacement IMS bearing and Nickies cylinders with factory rings and pistons from LN Engineering. Flat 6 Innovations installed the RND engine in the vehicle and performed a complete mechanical inspection. The stock oil filter and drain plug were replaced with a Mann-Hummel filter and LN Engineering Magnetic Drain Plug for these tests. All of the fluids in the vehicle were drained and replaced with Driven Racing Oil products where appropriate. The power steering fluid was replaced with Driven PSF. The gear oil was replaced with Driven LS75W-90 Gear Oil. ALS Tribology was selected to perform Used Oil Analysis on each sample taken from the vehicle.

Above: The magnetic drain plug from LN Engineering not only provides a good visual reference for engine wear levels, it also serves the practical purpose of keeping those particles from circulating in the engine causing more wear.

Driven Injector Defender was added to the first tank of fuel and will be added at regular intervals. Driven BR30 was installed in the engine, and the car was driven for 138 miles. Following this initial break-in, the oil was drained and the oil filter replaced. Driven BR40 was installed, and the car was driven an additional 1,183 miles. The results of the first two break-in used oil analysis reports are listed below:

Oil BR30 BR40
Miles 138 1,183
Iron 14 8
Lead 3 5
Copper 4 2
Tin 6 4
Aluminum 5 2
Nickel 2 1

These are very low wear metals, and the piston rings seated quickly. No oil consumption was recorded during the initial break-in, and the exhaust showed no discoloration.

Above: Inspection of the filter revealed no significant wear particles during the break-in period. Less break-in wear equals longer engine life.

By comparison, another M96 engine featuring the same processes as used in the RND engine, but using a different oil for break-in recorded a higher rate of wear.

Oil 10W-40 BR30
Miles 114 138
Iron 18 14
Lead 2 3
Copper 10 4
Tin 1 6
Aluminum 9 5
Nickel 11 2
Total 51 34

Following the break-in, Driven DT40 was installed and the vehicle driven for 3,472 miles. The majority of those miles came during 3 trips. Each trip was roughly 1,000 miles round trip – all highway driving. The fuel economy recorded across all three trips was 28 mpg. The TBN was checked regularly using the Driven Diagnostic Oil Wipes.

Above: Essentially zero oil consumption was recorded over the first 1,500 miles using the Driven BR30 and then the BR40, and the exhaust showed no signs of soot after the initial brea-in was completed, even with Nikasil liners.

 The results of the used oil analysis are as follows:

Oil DT40
Miles 3,472
Iron 8
Lead <1
Copper 3
Tin 2
Aluminum 2
Nickel 1
TBN Good

Above: Driven’s proprietary Diagnostic Oil Wipes provide instant, on-site TBN vs TAN analysis.

The engine was refilled with DT40, and driven another 4,600 miles. Less than 1 quart of make-up was needed to bring the oil level back to full at the completion of 4,600 miles. These miles varied between highway and city driving. Still, the fuel economy stayed above 25 mpg even with a mix of highway and city driving. The results of the second fill of DT40 are as follows:

Oil DT40
Miles 4,600
Iron 6
Lead <1
Copper 2
Tin <1
Aluminum 1
Nickel <1
TBN Good

Above: Driven DT40 consistently provides the lowest levels of wear in User Oil Analysis tests.

All of the trends indicate a low wear break-in followed by reduced wear, improved fuel economy and low oil consumption. Currently, Driven plans to drive the Boxster to Spokane, WA from Huntersville, NC to attend the Porsche Parade. This cross-country journey will be the next step in this R&D project.

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Above: Following the initial break-in, the wear debris on the magnetic drain plug was visibly reduced.