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Drivers Education FAQs 

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What is the purpose of the National DE Committee?

The purpose of the DE Committee is to provide guidance to Regions that either have some problems with their program or are in the throes of starting a DE program. We are not the DE police, but more of a DE sounding board. The committee is cross sectional in composition so that each area of the country is represented. The goal of the committee is to provide a common ground for the development of regional DE programs, while still retaining the "fun factor".

What is the purpose of the Minimum Standards 

The purpose of the Minimum Standards is to provide a Region with a base point on which to build their own regional program. Regional adherence to the Standards will provide continuity to the PCA DE program throughout the country.

What will happen to regions that do not adhere to the "Minimum Standards"?

The purpose of the Minimum Standards is to provide a Region with a base point on which to build their own regional program. The standards were designed to be minimal in nature so that any Region can have more stringent rules, but none should have any more lenient. Any Region that plans to run a DE event must strive to meet all the minimum standards. A Region's repeated failure to comply after warnings of noncompliance or a Region's refusal to adhere to these standards could prevent the Region from obtaining PCA insurance for future events. Substantial compliance with these standards would be part of the Observer's Report process. One of the functions of the advisory committee is to review and modify these standards, if required.

When will the Minimum Standards be upgraded and who will decide what they are? 

The Minimum Standards are the basic rules to be used to begin a DE program. As programs evolve so will the Standards. One of the functions of the DE Advisory Committee is modify the Standards when needed with input from the Regions. All revisions must be approved by the Executive Council.

Is the "Best Practices" manual still valid? 

The "Best Practices" manual edited by Tom Bobbitt in 1996 is an excellent resource. It was an attempt by the Zone Representatives at the time to compile in one book many of the regional DE practices being used at that time. The new DE Standards supercede many of the practices discussed in this manual, but there is still a lot of valuable information contained in this book. If you note any conflicts between the DE Standards and the "Best Practices" book, please feel free to contact any member of the DE Committee for clarification.

Why is it necessary to have a safety inspection of the car prior to each DE event? 

The ultimate goal of this DE program is to teach high performance driving skills while maintaining a certain degree of personnel safety. One aspect of safety that is directly under the control of the Region is the mechanical safety of the participating car requiring a pretech of the vehicle prior to the event by a qualified person. Unlike Club Racing, many of the cars on the track have an instructor as a passenger. The owner of the car is now not only responsible for his safety but also for the safety of his passenger. There are many unusual stresses applied to the car during track driving versus street driving and for that reason it is common sense to inspect the vehicle prior to each event. If we prevent one serious personnel injury by pre-inspection of the vehicle prior to the event, than the inconvenience is worth the climb. If your region does not have access to a pre-tech form, one can be easily downloaded from a variety of PCA Region web sites. 

Where can I get my car teched prior to the event?

The Standards state that "the car must be inspected by a qualified person". This person could be a Porsche mechanic, independent shop, or a qualified regional member. One of the advantages of the club is the vast experience and talents of its members. Many Regions hold tech sessions at local dealers or shops, which allow local regional members to inspect cars for the next event free of charge. These tech sessions make excellent social gatherings for the Regions.  Our PCA insurance will cover these types of activities if the standard Waiver and Release form is used. No pre-notification of our insurance company is required.

What is the function of the Observer's Report and must it be completed for each event?

The Observer's Report will be the most important element used to monitor the progress of regions in terms of compliance to the Standards.  It is the responsibility of the event organizers to have the new form completed. This completed form then becomes an official document recording the conduct of the event.