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Technical Session

PNWR Tech Ed - Art Morrison and Wicked Fabrication

Registration is OPEN


This is a rare opportunity!

 See why Art Morrison is the “World Leader” in Hot Rod Chassis!

 See how Art engineers & manufactures Chassis

See why: Chip Foose – Boyd Coddington – Dave Kindig specify Art Morrison Chassis

Tour “Wicked Fab.” one of the BEST Hot Rod shops in the USA

Technical Session

Maverick Tech Session: Understanding your car's lubricants

Learn about the Fundamentals of lubrication. Synthetics versus conventional, and the importance viscosity plays in the selection of lubricants. This tech session is hosted by Park Place Porsche and ExxonMobil.

All attendees need to pre register. Space is limited to 50 people.

Maverick Region - Porsche Club of America

Technical Session

PNWR Tech Ed - Gary McKay Charity Event

Gary will personally guide you through his “Muscle Car” collection.

Visit one of the most “Significant” collections of 1960’s “Muscle Cars” in the USA.  All of Gary’s cars are “PERFECT”.  See the 2016 “Goodguys Muscle Car of the Year” winner.  Gary is an “EXPERT”, he is a very sophisticated “Hot Rodder”.  Gary has built Hot Rods that compete for the “Ridler” award and “America’s Most Beautiful Roaster” award.  He will show you these cars and “detail” what is required to compete at that level.

Technical Session


Everything you ever wanted to know about alignments, whether its to increase tire life or increase tire grip at the track Sponsored by the Florida Citrus Porsche Club.

We will be aligning a vehicle from our guests as a demo and offering discounted alignments to our club members during that week, must attend the seminar to receive the discount.

Topics of discussion are Camber, Caster, Toe and Thrust angle. If you have heard any of these terms in the past and want to know how they apply to your alignment or just want to increase tire life, then this is a must attend event.

Technical Session

PNWR Tech Ed - Chris's German Auto

Registration is OPEN

In 2009 the “Singer” appeared, since then we have seen several more Personalized 911’s come to market. 

This TechEd is for anyone who wants to build a Personalized 911.  Starting with a blank sheet of paper
Chris will spec and explain the things you need to consider when building a Personalized 911.

Technical Session

PNWR Tech Ed - J&L Fabricating

Building & Maintaining Race & Show Cars

Registration is OPEN 

Attendance will be limited!

This is a rare opportunity!

J&L is a world-renowned race and restoration shop.  

Technical Session

PNWR Tech Ed - Dennison International

This is one of PNWR’s most popular TechEd’s!  

Attendance will be limited! Registration Required.

This is a rare opportunity!

“Dennison International” is a world-renowned race and restoration shop.  

Technical Session

Tech Tactics West 2017

Save the date for December 2 or 3, 2017, for PCA's annual Tech Tactics West event. Tickets for each day are $75.

Technical Session

PNWR Tech Ed - Vic Elford's Show and Tell


A “Once in a Life Time” event!

Your "Once in a Life Time" chance to... 

  • See Vic reunited with a Porsche 908 he raced  
  • Meet and hear Vic Elford.  

“Quick Vic” was one of the fastest: Rally, Sportscar and F1 drivers in the Sixties and Seventies.  Vic’s wins make him one of the most versatile all round drivers of all time.

Technical Session


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