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Technical Session

Tech Tactics West 2019

PCA's annual Tech Tactics West 2019 - Saturday, November 23 or Sunday, November 24, 2019.

Registration is open. Follow the links below to register:

Saturday, November 23, 2019, is SOLD OUT!

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Technical Session

Tech Tactics West 2020 - CANCELLED

PCA's annual Tech Tactics West 2020 - Saturday, November 21 or Sunday, November 22, 2020. CANCELLED

Technical Session

Maverick Tech Session

Maverick Tech Session: 911 Transmission Basics plus Tire Maintenance and Balancing hosted by Zims Autotechnik

This tech session will cover the basics of Porsche transmissions, with a focus on manual 901, 915 and G-50 gearboxes. In addition, there will be discussion on fire maintenance and the importance of Road Force tire balancing.


Technical Session

PNWR TechEd - MAXRPM Motorsports Technical Fair

This “TECHNICAL FAIR” will focus on what “MAINTAINING” your car “LOOKS LIKE”and what a “PRE-PURCHASE” inspection “LOOKS LIKE”.  What does it “LOOK LIKE”when a car’s: Suspension – Wheel Bearings – Wheels – Tires - Drains - Battery Drain – Filters – Belts – Brakes – Radiators – Fluids – Rear Main Seal – Clutch – Flywheel and Cables are checked?  What does it “LOOK LIKE” when: Brakes are bled –  Oil is changed – Wheels are aligned - Radiators are cleaned – Filters are changed, and the cars Computer is Scanned?   

Technical Session

PNWR TechEd - Radar Detectors, Laser Jammers, Dash Cams

Ariel Bravy is one of the foremost ‘independent” authorities on Radar Detectors - Laser Jammers & Dash Cams.  Ariel has 50,000+ subscribers on YouTube, in addition you can follow him on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  In the first 2 hours Ariel will discuss Radar Detectors – Laser Jammers - Dash Cams.  The last hour will be attendee HANDS-ON TESTING on the street!  You can PLAY with Radar Guns and Laser Guns and see what the police see


Technical Session

Tech Tactics East 2020


Tech Tactics East 2020 will once again be hosted at the PCNA Training facility in Easton, PA. This facility trains Porsche technicians on the intricacies of new Porsches while at the same time providing valuable training on the Porsches of old. Equipped with state-of-the-art classrooms with lifts and drive train assemblies, the training facility is perfect for this hands-on type of event.

Technical Session

PNWR TechEd - Brian Redman Show and Tell - Postponed


Brian Redman's 3-28-20 TechEd is POSTPONED due to the virus.

It is NOT canceled, we are targeting the end of MAY, stay tuned for more updates

Thank you for your interest in these “Once in a Lifetime” TechEd’s, without your attendance these TechEd’s do NOT happen, thank you.


A “Once in a lifetime” experience!

Technical Session

PNWR TechEd - Vintage Racing Motors

Registration is open

Vintage Racing Motors  “VRM” is an adult toy store, this will be Christmas in November.  

VRM is a premier ‘race shop’ and ‘mechanical’ restoration shop.  VRM is the home for some unique and breathtaking; Formula 1 cars – Indy cars – Le Mans cars – Can Am cars – Rare Classics and race cars with their skin off.  This is one of our most popular TechEd’s, if you have never visited VRM do not miss this TechEd, our next visit will be in 2022. 

Event Details

Technical Session

FLC PCA Track data you can process

Florida Citrus Region - PCA will host a Tech Seminar, entitled "Track data you can process" on January 28, 2019 from 7:00 to 9:00 pm at Ace Café, 100 W. Livingston St. Orlando (407-996-6686). The seminar is primarily for experienced DE drivers hoping to improve their performance using real-time and post-session data analysis. However, any level driver will benefit from the information and may attend. Registration is at the following link:

Technical Session


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