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Thursday, October 1, 2015 to Saturday, October 3, 2015

PCA Escape to Rushmore 2015

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Experience the exhilaration of driving your Porsche through history. Roam the hills with free-ranging buffalo; mine for gold at an old miner’s camp; explore some of the world’s largest caves; dine where “Calamity” Jane Cannary and “Wild Bill” Hickok once called home; and tour monuments like Mount Rushmore and Crazy Horse. Escape to Rushmore 2015 for an event that you won’t want to miss.

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Rapid City, South Dakota is home base for Escape 2015, and you’ll enjoy an awesome variety of scenery and appealing activities in all directions (NorthSouthEast, and West). Join organized drives and tours, or follow maps independently — tailor your escape to your own preferences.

Tours: Enjoy the scenery

Drives: Focus on the drive (and less on the scenery)

Routes: Where tours and drives will take place

Thanks to Pirelli for sponsoring the welcome dinner.

Events, Drives, and Tours

Check-in for registered participants will begin at 3 PM MDT on Wednesday, September 30. Organized activities begin Thursday, October 1 and continue through Saturday, October 3.

Thursday: A People's Car Show will be held in the City Park adjacent to the Holiday Inn Rushmore Plaza. Thursday evening a Welcome Picnic will be held for you in the same location.

All three days: Your choices will include up to eight driving tours each day to area attractions as well as group events. You will have the opportunity to go off independently as well. Each day will have drives allowing you to test your Porsche on the tight pig-tail bridges on Iron Mountain Road as well as through granite tunnels that frame Mount Rushmore in the distance. The Needles Highway provides a challenging drive that winds through slender granite peaks called “Needles.” Be sure to stop and snap a couple of pictures of your car parked by the Needles, or take a picture of people scaling the rock faces. Spearfish Canyon, a 19-mile drive with 1,000-foot limestone palisades in beautiful colors, is part of the Northern Hills Canyon Drive. Coming out of Spearfish Canyon, you transition to Vanocker Canyon Road and enjoy scenic canyon vistas! In October, the fall colors are spectacular and will add to your driving enjoyment.

Saturday: Escape to Rushmore 2015 will end on Saturday evening with a banquet at the Civic Center. The Civic Center has great chefs who will cook a delicious dinner for you, and there will be several cash bars available. At the end of these three memorable days, you will leave South Dakota with new friends, new experiences, and wonderful pictures!  

Registration for Escape opens August 3 at 6 PM CDT. After registering, you will be able to make your hotel reservations with codes that give you special treatment. Holiday Inn Rushmore Plaza is the Escape 2015 headquarters in Rapid City. It’s adjacent to City Park and the Civic Center where several events will be held. In addition to the Holiday Inn, the Adoba Eco is less than a mile away in downtown Rapid City and close to shopping and restaurants. These two hotels offer complimentary breakfast buffets, car washing facilities, secure parking, and local transportation. Rapid City is a vibrant place with a sculpture walk of the Presidents of the United States in the downtown area and a view of the nearby Black Hills. There are great restaurants in Rapid City. You can to check in September 30 and be ready for the activities to start on October 1.

So, mark your calendars and come and see us in South Dakota on October 1-3 for Escape to Rushmore 2015!  

Things to See

Mount Rushmore contains the sculptures of Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln. The monument is world renowned and lit at night with a salute to those who have served their country.

Devils Tower National Park is just across the border in Wyoming. It has rock projections 1,267 feet high and was named the first national monument in 1906.

South Dakota has many topographical features, from prairie on the eastern side to bluffs and the Missouri River Valley in the central portion of the state. And of course, the western side where Escape primarily will be held contains the Badlands and the Black Hills (which include Mount RushmoreCuster State Park, and Crazy Horse Monument). You can drive through stunning Spearfish Canyon, visit the gaming halls in historic Deadwood, and tour Wind Cave National Park or the Jewel Cave National Monument.    

Badlands National Park contains fossil beds dating back 37 million years. You can either hike in the park or drive through it, stopping at your leisure.   

Crazy Horse Monument is an ongoing mountain carving honoring Chief Crazy Horse, a pivotal figure in the Battle of Little Big Horn in which American Indian tribes defeated US forces in 1876. The visitor center at the monument features a beautiful museum of American Indian culture.

Custer State Park contains 71,000 acres of terrain and 1,300 free-roaming bison that often stop traffic on the 18-mile Wildlife Loop. You may also see antelope, burros, wild turkeys, deer, and occasionally big horn sheep.

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