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Friday, August 10, 2018 to Sunday, August 12, 2018

Northwestern Ontario Run 2018 - cancelled

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Zone 10

We invite you to a great weekend.
Driving your Porsche through the beautiful Canadian Shield with friends!

The three day tour starts on August 10, 2018

The tour is limited to 15 spots.

Day 1  – 595km

Winnipeg  to Kenora*  via HWY 1/17, where the group will meet the organizer and we will have a small snack. All participants will receive a scavenger hunt sheet for the next two days.
Continue on HWY 17 with a pit stop in Dryden/Ignace* and then turn north on HWY 599 to Silver Dollar. Turn west on HWY 642 to Sioux Lookout (great secondary curvy HWY  over 74km low traffic

Day 2 – min. 250km

Pick up Lunch packages at Roy Lane Coffee Shop ($) and then drive from Sioux Lookout to Silver Dollar (HWY 642 – great secondary curvy  HWY  over 74km low traffic) and then north on HWY 599 toward Savant Lake. West on HWY 516 back to Sioux Lookout.
At this time we have two option:
Option 1: Go for one more time for a quick run on HWY 642 to Silver Dollar, return to Sioux Lookout the same way or through Ignace and Dinorwic.
Option 2: Call it a day and enjoy the Blueberry Festival in Sioux Lookout
St. Andrew’s United Church Fish Fry
Cedar Bay Open House
Firefighter’s Social

Day 3 – 450km (5.5h)

After breakfast all participants will make their way to the Classic Car and Truck Show & Shine at the Travel Information Centre from 10 am – 2 pm.

From Sioux Lookout  via HWY 72/17 to Dryden. Follow HWY 17 to Kenora and than Winnipeg.

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