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Saturday, October 5, 2019 to Sunday, October 6, 2019

Vintage DE #3 @ Palmer Motorsports Park

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Drivers Education

Join us for our third Vintage DE event in 2019 which will be at Palmer Motorsports Park in Palmer, MA. This is a two-day event and will be on Saturday & Sunday, October 5 & 6th. There will be a social on Saturday after the track goes cold. Tickets for the social are $30 and are available during the registration process.

Registration for this event opened on Star Wars Day, May the Fourth (…be with you) at Club Registration.

Northeast Region Vintage Days follows and adheres to all our existing PCA Driver Education procedures (passing rules, pre-tech, trackside tech, drivers meetings, etc.), but pushes a couple of aspects even further. For example, classroom sessions are mandatory – and there are two of them for each Run Group per day. And track time? Up to 2.5 hours of track time per day per driver, as there are only three Run Groups. And yes, we are also planning on having on-track/in-car exercises such as passing, parallel driving, braking, turn-ins, etc.

But – there are some catches. You must register with and bring a vintage car that is pre-classified as listed below. The two “street” Run Groups (NAF & ALF) means that you typically drive your car to the track on street tires – and drive it home with street tires at the end of the day. In other words – the street groups mean exactly that – “registered or able to be registered for driving on the street”.

One change for our 2019 Vintage Days: we are offering instructors for drivers that would fall into the ‘standard’ DE Green (Beginner) and Yellow (Novice) run groups.

OK – sounds pretty good so far, right? Well, too, if you’ve been out of the sport for a while, Northeast Region will also have a core set of Instructors at the track who – if you are a bit rusty – will be there in your right hand seat to refresh all those things you may have forgotten. So, if you’ve been out of it for a while because you thought you couldn’t keep up with the latest hardware from Germany, here’s your opportunity to join Northeast Region in some low stress and lower speed events compared to standard DE formats.

And a couple of things to keep in mind before you sign up… These events will strive to vigorously maintain the “spirit” of Vintage Days. Aggressive driving will not be tolerated – period. If you appear to be driving in the “Red Mist” and conduct yourself in that way, you will be ejected from Vintage Days. This series is meant to be fun – safe and serious fun – and re-emphasize all the aspects we fell in love with when many of us started doing Driver Education and can recall numbers of fellow 356s, SWB 911s, 914s and 912s on the track with us.

So, following are the NER Vintage Run Groups as classified to date:

NAF – Not As Fast:

  • 356 (all) 1948-1965
  • 912 (all) 1965-1969, 1976
  • 924 1976-1982
  • 924 Turbo 1979-1982
  • 924S 1987-1988
  • 944 (not S/S2/Turbo) 1982-1989
  • 914-4 1969-1976
  • 914-6 1970-1972
  • 911 1965-1977
  • 911SC 1978-1983
  • 986 Boxster 1997-2004

ALF – A Little Faster:

  • 911 Carrera 1984-1989
  • 930 1975-1989
  • 964 Turbo 1990-1994
  • 993 1995-1998
  • 964 1989-1994
  • 928 1978-1995
  • 968 1992-1995
  • 944 S/S2/Turbo 1986-1991
  • Boxster S 2000-2004

Vintage Race:

  • All cars/years classified above, but not Street Configuration
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