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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Stop! Smell The Bluebonnets! - The Ennis Bluebonnet Tour

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Welcome to the 2nd annual Bluebonnets Maverick Tour! This years Bluebonnet Tour will be just southeast of Dallas. Ennis is the official Bluebonnet City of Texas.

Typically the bluebonnets peak around the third week of April. However, this can vary year to year due to weather conditions and terrain, so we have chosen, Sunday April 15th for this year's tour. This time we'll witness a sneak preview one week before Ennis has their annual Bluebonnet festival.

That's right, this attraction is so popular that the city of Ennis actually celebrates it with an annual festival! It has been said that they have over 100,000 visitors that come to see their famous bluebonnet trails in the spring for the wildflower show. The Ennis Bluebonnet trails are the oldest such trails known in the state. Country scenery, twisty roads, elevation change, long straights and bluebonnets will be expected!

The tour is approximately 1 hour 37 minutes and 68.8 miles long. Last year we had some construction and some bumpy roads to deal with but this year we crossed out most of the bumpy roads and the construction from last year is all fresh and oh-so-smooth. At the time this article was written there was no construction on this route. While doing this recon drive for this tour my daughter and I were having so much fun we had to pull over a few times and take in the moment. We will be stopping to take in the bluebonnets in a classified area on this route. I can assure you that its probably one of the best places to take in the bluebonnets!

The tour starts at 10am at Red Oak Middle School located at 154 Louise Ritter Blvd. Red Oak, TX 75154. The tour will end at Bubba's BBQ and Steak House, 210 S. I-45, Ennis, TX 75119. Bubba's BBQ is famous for great food and can accommodate about 110 people.

Our tours are generally larger than that but their are several other places to eat in the area. Our Drivers Briefing will start at 9:45 am. Most of our tour members arrive early to socialize and take in the variety of Porsche's. Arriving early also helps our volunteers in signing you in time so the tour is on schedule.

You can register for this tour at . You will have two classes to choose from. Select Vintage If your car is older or if you prefer a more relaxed tour. Select Modern class if you prefer the same tours we have been providing in the past. It is your choice no matter the Porsche in which you drive to what class you select. After registering we will send you an email three days before the tour with all the information needed to attend.

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