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PNWR Tech Ed - Griot's Garage

Saturday, February 23, 2019
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Technical Session


Griot’s Garage is a HIGH QUALITY “Car Care” products manufacturer and retailer.  Their “World Headquarters” is in Tacoma, Washington.  Their retail store is a “Destination” for every car-guy and car-gal..

Why should you attend this TechEd?  

This is a “PRACTICAL TechEd” for people who want a HIGH-QUALITY result QUICKLY. 
This is NOT a “ConcoursTechEd”  

Do you know…

  • How to QUICKLY…  Wash and WAX your Porsche?
  • How to QUICKLY…  get a HIGH QUALITY result?
  • What to DO?
  • What NOT to DO?

Are you aware of the NEWEST TOOLS and SUPPLIES?

Registration is OPEN

There is a FREE lunch…   We need a headcount.

To RSVP ... click on the button:


  • Scroll DOWN page
  • Click on     RED “Continue” box
  • Follow       “Prompts” in RED boxes
  • Pre-Register


  • NEW product “Show & Tell”
  • “BOSS” Machine update 
  • “Hands-On” Demonstrations
  • Lunch          

Read about it in the February Spiel

Event Details

15% DISCOUNT on ALL purchases

“FREE”    TechEd &  Lunch
8:45 am         Doors OPEN
9:30 am         Program Begins
12:30 pm       Program End
12:30 pm       “FREE” Lunch


Griot’s Garage
3333 South 38th Street
Tacoma, WA   98409


Call…       425-836-3963

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