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Friday, February 8, 2019

Florida Citrus Region Instructor School

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Drivers Education
Zone 12

Florida Citrus Region is hosting a School for solo drivers and instructors (2/8)  at Roebling Road Raceway, near Savannah GA. 
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NEWLY ADDED -- TEST AND TUNE, OPEN TRACK RUN GROUP: Participants in this group will have open track time while the school drivers are in the lecture sessions. Total available track time is 3.5 hours! This will be a very small group so you will be able to test and tune and get that perfect lap. Open passing with a point by. Black group rules. DOES NOT INCLUDE PARTICIPATION IN SCHOOL FUNCTIONS.

The event begins on Friday as a school for instructors and advanced solo drivers. The focus is on improving driving skills, with Cass Whitehead as the guest instructor. Cass is Chief Driving Instructor for the Porsche Track Experience USA and has over 30 years road racing experience – with a long list of major achievements. Highlights of his career are attached.
The day will feature lots of track time during which Cass will offer coaching suggestions to improve skills, at no charge. There will also be class room instruction to discuss car dynamics, braking, the line, etc. In addition, Cass will be available for one on one coaching Saturday and Sunday during the DE for a small fee, sign up for coaching during the DE under “OPTIONS”.

The school is for solo drivers of all levels, from newly solo-ed to senior instructors. Driving sessions will be under FLC Black passing rules -- open passing; point by required; passing in corners is optional. All cars must have equal seats and restraints for 2 occupants, according to new PCA regulations. Space is limited. Register now. Don't miss this opportunity to sharpen your driving skills. For more specific info contact one of us, as below.

A limited number of Apex Pro devices will be available free of charge, complements of Apex Pro and Apex Performance. Apex Pro has developed an affordable data system that allows drivers to acquire valuable data and process it in real-time -- then do more extensive reviews post-session. The key is a data acquisition module that is attached in the driver's field of view. The module has GPS and g-sensors that continuously monitor car dynamics and then give a real-time visual signal that indicates if the car is approaching the traction limit. Thus, giving the driver the opportunity to make small corrections to improve his performance -- lap after lap. After a session, the data can be downloaded for highly detailed analysis, including comparing different laps from a single driver or from different drivers

No professional coaching is allowed for participants for this event other than the instruction provided by Cass Whitehead. 

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