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Sunday, March 7, 2021

NNJR HPDE Driving Seminar

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Drivers Education
Zone 1

NNJR HPDE Seminar – Virtual on YouTube Channel

NNJR’s High Performance Driving Seminar is intended for those who want to learn more about driving at speed on a race track. It is open to all, but will be most beneficial to those who have some track driving experience.   Our YouTube Channel allows you to text questions to our speakers, and the event will be save on the website's YouTube Channel

Peter Krause – guest speaker.

“Peter Krause is simply one of the best driver coaches there is.  Peter’s approach to using data, video and simulators is a big part of why he’s so successful.  He breaks things down and focuses on what’s most important. That’s what makes a great coach great.

It’s not how fast they drive, how many championships they’ve won or anything else.  Nothing but results of their coaching. Peter gets results.”

Event will be live on NNJR-PCA YouTube Channel

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