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Peachstate Drivers Education April 12, 2019

Friday, April 12, 2019
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Drivers Education

Join us at the iconic Road Atlanta for three days of spectacular driving!  This is a 2.54 mile track with 12 turns and many elevation changes.  This is a HPDE event for advanced solo drivers only and will be held in conjunction with a club race.  To register for this event, you must be comfortable with passing anywhere on the track with a point-by.  This is a great opportunity to get much seat time and mingle with the racers.  You can share insights on the perfect line and who knows, someone might develop better lap times.

Pro Driver David Murry will also be there to share a half hour of chalk-talk with you!  He has many insights and experiences which will enrich your weekend.

Registration is now open for this event at

See you at the track,

Peachstate PCA Track Committee

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