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Ghost Busting in a P-Car!

Saturday, January 25, 2020

WTXPCA had a great time ghost hunting in Girvin, TX. The Northern District of our region met up with the Southern District in McCamey, TX and drove over to Girvin, TX to see some ghosts. We had eleven total cars and thirteen attendees. It was a fun event and it was great for both districts to spend some time together.  It’s never a bad day when you’re driving a P-Car!

Girvin is listed in Lindsay Baker's Ghost Towns of Texas.  According to the book, Girvin was named for a ranch that was there when the railroad came through. It served as a shipping point for cattle and as a receiving point for oil drilling supplies. Mr. Lindsay reports that the number of students increased so fast that the new brick school was inadequate even before it was finished, and some classes had to be held in a nearby lumber yard. It prospered for about twenty years and then started its decline.  The roads are all dirt, and the derelict buildings testify that some hardy folks once called Girvin home.  The railroad is a half block away and still goes through there hauling oil field supplies to the Permian Basin.  Who knows it might be a movie set some day?  Cowboys still come out from the ranches nearby on Saturday afternoon and frequent the only occupied building, the Girvin Social Club.   A new highway (built just a mile away) and the Great Depression stopped Girvin in its tracks.   However, the spirits of some of the former residents are still known to come around from time to time to visit their old stopping grounds.  Don’t be scared though, they’re friendly ghost…mostly.


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Great fun in Girvin, TX!