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HPDE and Off-track Insurance 

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Porsche Club of America proudly endorses Lockton Motorsports as a provider of HPDE and Off-track Insurance to protect our members’ vehicles and equipment before, during, and after club events. PCA’s excellent event safety record means our members are eligible for premium discounts on these insurance policies. You can find a schedule of upcoming PCA events on the Lockton Motorsports website. Learn more about the insurance coverage below.

HPDE Insurance

You may not be aware that most standard auto insurance policies no longer cover you for high-performance drivers’ education (HPDE) events. These days, DEs and similar events are specifically excluded by almost every major insurer. Fortunately, Lockton Motorsports insurance is designed to protect your car on the track. PCA members receive a 10% discount off single-event policies and 5% off their already discounted multi-event policies.

What’s Covered

  • Insures you for damage to your car while you’re participating in an HPDE event
  • Begins when you enter the grounds of a race course and ends when you exit the facility
  • NO liability insurance coverage is included in this policy

Types of Events

  • HPDE Single Event Policy — Buy Now
  • HPDE Multi Event Policy — Buy Now

Off-track Insurance

Amateur racers and HPDE enthusiasts can get storage, transit, and paddock insurance for their dedicated track vehicle, trailer, spare parts, and tools. Off-track Insurance covers you whether you’re participating in an HPDE, Autocross, or Club Racing event. Discounted rates are available for PCA members.

What’s Covered

  • Insures you for damage to your car while it’s being stored, transported, loaded, or unloaded
  • Includes theft coverage for your car, trailer, and equipment
  • Does NOT include on-track coverage or liability coverage

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Lockton Motorsports Blog

Visit the Lockton Motorsports Blog to read articles on driving tips, safety best practices, or car prep and maintenance advice, from motorsports experts like Ross Bentley and others.

Insurance Media Kit

A few DE registrations can sometimes be the difference between a profitable event and an event loss for your Region’s DE events—Lockton Motorsports has tools that can help maximize registration at your events. To help event organizers and registrars inform participants about insurance solutions for their vehicle and gear, Lockton Motorsports has developed a media kit that you can download here. This kit includes flyers, social content, logos and ads for use in participant packets, on your website and even in emails and newsletters. The media kit is designed to be easy for you to use and distribute, so you can increase event entries and have successful events. Any questions or need assistance regarding the kit? Just contact Lockton Motorsports via email at, or by phone at 913.652.7653. They’re here to help.

To download a free media kit and learn how Lockton Motorsports can help increase participation at your Region’s events, Click Here.