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Mart Rules

The Mart is PCA's classifieds marketplace for advertising Porsche cars, parts, and items. By posting in The Mart, sellers reach a large audience of Porsche enthusiasts and can be assured that they're advertising to PCA members and PCA Test Drive participants. Buyers get the peace of mind of purchasing items owned and maintained by club members. 

Who can post

  • PCA members are able to post Porsche cars, Porsche parts, and Porsche-related items for sale or wanted.
  • Test Drive program participants may view ads, respond to ads, and place a wanted ad.
  • Non-members can't post ads, but they can view them sans seller contact information.
  • Dealers may not use the PCA Mart/classifieds for business purposes. If the title of the car is not in the name of the PCA member posting the ad, the listing will be removed. Members may be asked to provide verification that they own the vehicle.

Rules/Items permitted

  • Items must be Porsches, Porsche parts, or Porsche-oriented products.
  • Items posted must be the personal property of the primary membership account holder or co-member, and not connected with a business enterprise.
  • Ads for parking or garage rental space are not allowed.
  • Members may have up to four ads published in The Mart, one in each category (Cars For Sale, Parts For Sale, Wanted, Miscellaneous), and as many unpublished ads as they like loaded in their queues. Ads in queue may be switched out and published at any time.
  • Ads that do not conform to The Mart rules may be deleted without warning.


  • Please note that the PCA doesn’t handle transactions — the actual commerce is up to you. 
  • To protect yourself from potentially fraudulent ads and to help ensure The Mart is a friendly place to browse for Porsches and other items, please read the Buyer Safety Tips section.

Tips for how to post an ad

  • After filling in all required fields, scroll to the bottom of the page and click Publish.
  • When you post or edit an ad, it can take up to 15 minutes for the ad to be displayed on the site listings.
  • Remember: Every 30 days the ad must be updated and/or resaved for it to remain published. There is no limit on the amount of time an ad may remain published.
  • If you are having difficulty placing your ad, please contact PCA National Office.

Porsche Panorama

  • The Mart advertises to a broad PCA member audience online, but it's also affiliated with the club's award-winning magazine, Porsche Panorama. You will have the option to have your ad appear online only, in Panorama only, or both online and in Panorama.
  • If you want your ad to appear in an upcoming issue of Panorama, the publishing option must be set to “in Panorama” or “Both.” The ad(s) in question must be published before 5 PM EST on the first of the month for it to appear in the next month’s issue (i.e. on July 1 for the August issue).