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Every year across Porsche Club of America, members are making a difference with many amazing, heartwarming, and thoughtful acts of kindness. The below links are just a few of those community contributions. Continually check back as we will feature more PCA Regions making a difference. If your Region has a charitable activity or event that you would like to share, please email Members Making a Difference 


Giving support to frontline hospital workers

In December, I restarted my snack drive to help frontline workers because COVID-19 cases got worse in British Columbia  Read more

Porsche & Friends Parade to The Golisano Childrens Hospital

The Everglades Region continues to make a difference in Southwest Florida communities, by celebrating the club’s 4th Porsche & Friends Parade to The Golisano Children’s Hospital on December 5th.  Read more

Thank you Porsche Club of America and Porsche!

My name is Jonathan but all my friends call me Bear. I’m lucky my parents have Porsches in our garage. But I’m even luckier that so many Porsche people are our friends like most of you.  Read more

D-Patrick, Porsche Club host toy drive

Dozens of toys are now ready to brighten Christmas for Warrick County children after an event on Saturday morning.  Read more

Appalachian Autobahn opens, brings money and tourism to Eastern Kentucky

It’s been a challenging few weeks for a Lower Mainland family involved in a Labor Day weekend crash near Whistler, but a 10-year-old West Vancouver boy has helped make things a lot better.  Read more

Family in Labor Day weekend car crash near Whistler receives donated car

Backroads of Appalachia announced the opening of the Appalachian Autobahn Saturday. The route uses part of Highway 160 and is intended to attract car clubs and drivers to travel to the region.  Read more

PCA member provides a special birthday surprise

The PCA Chesapeake Region had an unusual request from Pam Hutchinson, who was planning a 60th birthday party celebration weekend for one of her four sisters. Her birthday sister, Suzanne, had a dream to drive or be driven in a Porsche, and the sisters wanted to make that dream come to life.  Read more

Fundraiser benefiting Wisconsin's largest food bank

Last year, the Milwaukee Region adopted Hunger Task Force as its charitable partner and Region members filled every space in their Porsches to bring thousands of pounds of food to the HTF facility where it would be distributed to many food banks throughout the Milwaukee community  Read more

Ducky Grand Prix Children’s Health Clinic fundraiser

PCA Grand Prix Region (GPX) members enjoy giving children healthier and brighter smiles and have contributed to Children’s Dental Health Clinic (CDHC) for many years.  Read more

Country road convoy pays off for Aldergrove Food Bank

A recent drive through Aldergrove took the words 'food drive' literally, with 35 club members in rear-engine powered Porsches stowing non-perishable food in their front trunks or 'frunks'.  Read more

Chicago area PCA member offers services and funds to local medical providers

During the month of April, a Chicago business owner and his team provided free oil change services to any nurses and donated 5% of the gross revenue for the month to Project C.U.R.E.  Read more

Sunday Sea to Sky drive pays off for Pemberton Food Bank

Did you spot a striking fleet of Porsches heading up — or down — the Sea to Sky on Sunday? If you thought it was just a group of friends with similar taste in vehicles out for a leisurely Sunday drive, you'd be wrong.  Read more

Funding Hawaii Island's food bank

The Porsche Club of America Big Island Hawaii Club kicked off its monthly tour Saturday with "The Parade of Porsches! Shine 'em Up!" and a donation to The Food Basket, Hawaii Island's food bank.  Read more

Free pet portraits for First Responders

Longtime PCA member Linda Cobarrubias is sharing her love of pets and photography by offering complimentary photo sessions, along with a photo of their choice, to her local First Responders. She started with the medical staff at the Eisenhower Health Center in Rancho Mirage, CA.  Read more

Father’s Day Porsche Parade in Space Coast Region

A parade of Porsches is the perfect combination of driving fun and spreading happiness – to both the Porsche drivers and spectators!  Read more

Las Vegas Region helps furnish apartments for local homeless population

Early last winter, members of the Las Vegas Region were invited to a meeting at Gaudin Porsche in preparation of the Taycan rollout. At the event, the Gaudin team showed that they live their motto of "Serving our community and our clients is not just what we do, it is who we are."  Read more

Member volunteers at no-kill animal rescue organization Priceless Pets

It was just before Veteran’s Day 2019 when my rally navigator, Marsha Kane, sent out the “Batman” signal to all of her friends — Priceless Pets needs volunteers to walk the dogs on the holiday.  Read more

Porsches and 'Party Pepper Uppers’

Everyone involved in PCA Orange Coast Region is familiar with Porsches and Pancakes, Porsches and Pizza; but what about Porsches and Party Pepper Uppers?  Read more

PCA Regions and members continue to support their communities during covid-19 pandemic

This week's edition of Members Making a Difference highlights a few more things PCA members are doing around the country to help others during the covid-19 pandemic  Read more


PCA sponsors are making a difference too!

This week's edition of Members Making a Difference highlights just a few of the things several PCA sponsors and advertisers are doing around the country to help others during the covid-19 pandemic.  Read more


More PCA Regions and members support their community during covid-19 pandemic

This week's edition of Members Making a Difference highlights just a few of the things several PCA Regions and members are doing around the country to help others during the covid-19 pandemic.  Read more


Members and Regions offer help during covid-19 pandemic

Coastal Empire Region's Audrey Woodman says, "With the onslaught of COVID-19, most PCA regions have seen their activities brought to a halt. This has had a devastating impact on local businesses, as well as many supporters who rely on PCA events for their livelihood."  Read more


Potomac Region socializing with distance

In the midst of the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, much of North America has screeched to a crawl as non-essential businesses close and governments tell citizens to physically distance themselves from other people. Read more



We just roll in a different way

Porsche Club of America members enjoy the sensation of traveling in our favorite vehicle. Freedom and mobility in our Porsche makes life special. PCA Sierra Nevada Region’s charitable mission is to bring this same feeling to children and adults with special needs. Read more



Porsches in the Park with Patrick Dempsey

Porsche Club of America Regions create fantastic opportunities to give back to their communities. Sometimes PCA Regions even partner with celebrities. PCA just happens to have a very famous Porsche enthusiast who calls the Down East Region area home – Patrick Dempsey. Read more



Contributing to local first responders

Porsche Club of America Regions support many different aspects of our communities. With one amazing event, the PCA Vancouver Island Region contributed to both its local police and fire departments. Read more



Supporting Service Dogs for Veterans

PCA Regions give back to their communities in amazing ways. One such charitable effort includes man’s best friend! The PCA Maverick Region is supporting America Veterans by contributing funds to train service dogs for veterans and people with disabilities. Read more



PCA Concours supporting programs for children with disabilities

Each year, Porsche Club of America holds many Concours d’Elegance events across North America. But few have provided a community contribution to the level of the Colorado Concours d’Elegance & Exotic Sports Car Show. Read more


Phil-a-Frunk Food Drive

PCA members know a lot of stuff can fit in our Porsches. Even the front trunk, or “frunk,” as Porsche enthusiasts call it, can hold quite a bit. The Riesentöter Region created a holiday charitable event playing off the name with the Phil-a-Frunk Food Drive. Read more


Building a Habitat for Humanity home

Porsche Club of America members provide community contributions in all shapes and sizes. But easily one of the largest was the First Settlers Region building a home for a family in need…Read more


Silent auction supporting foster children

Across the Porsche Club of America, members give back to their communities in many ways. The Heart O’ Dixie Region has a strong interest in helping kids, particularly foster children, and decided to hold a silent auction and give 100% of the proceeds to the Kids to Love Foundation’s KTECH program. Read more


Porsche Parade of Presents to Golisano Children’s Hospital 

What’s better than Santa’s sleigh riding in with a bag full of presents? How about a Parade of Porsches and other exotic cars full of gifts for children at the Golisano Children's Hospital? The Porsche Club of America Everglades Region will deliver holiday gifts to children at the Golisano Children's Hospital of Southwest Florida, Saturday, December 14. Read more


Dream Drive For Kids

Children undergoing treatment for a wide range of illnesses at the OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland, Oregon get the best care possible, but treatment is a long and often tedious process. After learning of this, PCA members Eric and Amity Peterson decided...Read more


The PCA Public Service Awards

Since the Porsche Club of America was formed in 1955, regions have prioritized community service and charitable contributions. In 2002, PCA decided to recognize the unique and diverse programs implemented by regions throughout PCA in support of public service.

The PCA Public Service Awards recognize the regions that have conducted the most outstanding charity or community service event or events during the year. The winning regions demonstrate the highest standards in meeting the objectives and the ideals of the PCA in providing service and support to charities and the community. Due to the importance of public service to the club, and the number of PCA regions involved in public service, it was decided to present multiple awards. Awards are presented for first, second, and third place and honorable mentions. Recipients receive a trophy and cash award.

Recipients of the PCA Public Service Awards

2019 - 1st - First Settlers Region

2019 - 2nd- North Florida Region

2019 - 3rd - Rocky Mountain Region

2019 - Honorable Mention - Carolinas Region

2019 - Honorable Mention - Southern Arizona Region

2019 - Honorable Mention - Vancouver Island Region

Past Recipients of the PCA Public Service Awards