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Every year across Porsche Club of America, members are making a difference with many amazing, heartwarming, and thoughtful acts of kindness. The below links are just a few of those community contributions. Continually check back as we will feature more PCA Regions making a difference. If your Region has a charitable activity or event that you would like to share, please email Members Making a Difference 



Phil-a-Frunk Food Drive

PCA members know a lot of stuff can fit in our Porsches. Even the front trunk, or “frunk,” as Porsche enthusiasts call it, can hold quite a bit. The Riesentöter Region created a holiday charitable event playing off the name with the Phil-a-Frunk Food Drive. Read more


Building a Habitat for Humanity home

Porsche Club of America members provide community contributions in all shapes and sizes. But easily one of the largest was the First Settlers Region building a home for a family in need…Read more


Silent auction supporting foster children

Across the Porsche Club of America, members give back to their communities in many ways. The Heart O’ Dixie Region has a strong interest in helping kids, particularly foster children, and decided to hold a silent auction and give 100% of the proceeds to the Kids to Love Foundation’s KTECH program. Read more


Porsche Parade of Presents to Golisano Children’s Hospital 

What’s better than Santa’s sleigh riding in with a bag full of presents? How about a Parade of Porsches and other exotic cars full of gifts for children at the Golisano Children's Hospital? The Porsche Club of America Everglades Region will deliver holiday gifts to children at the Golisano Children's Hospital of Southwest Florida, Saturday, December 14. Read more


Dream Drive For Kids

Children undergoing treatment for a wide range of illnesses at the OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland, Oregon get the best care possible, but treatment is a long and often tedious process. After learning of this, PCA members Eric and Amity Peterson decided...Read more


The PCA Public Service Awards

Since the Porsche Club of America was formed in 1955, regions have prioritized community service and charitable contributions. In 2002, PCA decided to recognize the unique and diverse programs implemented by regions throughout PCA in support of public service.

The PCA Public Service Awards recognize the regions that have conducted the most outstanding charity or community service event or events during the year. The winning regions demonstrate the highest standards in meeting the objectives and the ideals of the PCA in providing service and support to charities and the community. Due to the importance of public service to the club, and the number of PCA regions involved in public service, it was decided to present multiple awards. Awards are presented for first, second, and third place and honorable mentions. Recipients receive a trophy and cash award.

Recipients of the PCA Public Service Awards

2019 - 1st - First Settlers Region

2019 - 2nd- North Florida Region

2019 - 3rd - Rocky Mountain Region

2019 - Honorable Mention - Carolinas Region

2019 - Honorable Mention - Southern Arizona Region

2019 - Honorable Mention - Vancouver Island Region

Past Recipients of the PCA Public Service Awards