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National Instructor Training 

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The National Instructor Training Program was initiated in the fall of 2003; since that time, almost 3,800 instructors have been exposed to the Program. The intent of the training Program is to add consistency of instruction to novice and beginner drivers in our Drivers Education program. The purpose of this document is to set some ground rules for running the Program and to add consistency to the regional implementation of the training. The National Program consists of four class room and four on-track role playing sessions.

Regional Responsibilities:

  1. Inform the National DE Chair of the intent to run this Program. If a member of the National DE Committee cannot be on site during the training, the regional official in charge of the event must be approved in advance by the National DE Chair.
  2. Obtain a date on a closed course road circuit that also has some type of classroom facility.
  3. Obtain Certificate of Insurance for the event and have the appropriate waivers signed by those in attendance.
  4. Complete and return all appropriate forms for the Program to the National DE Chair within two (2) weeks of completion of the event.


National Responsibilities:

  1. Provide the Region with a complete set of forms for the Program; such as,      Registration Forms, Quiz, and Candidate Evaluation Form.
  2. Provide training to the mentors selected for the training event.
  3. Teach the classroom sessions. 
  4. Evaluate the Candidate Evaluation forms completed by the Training Mentor and the Evaluation Mentor. 
  5. Return all completed forms to the National DE Committee Chair within two (2) weeks of completion of the event.

PCA National Instructor Training Candidate Criteria

The PCA Region determines the availability of a track facility capable of providing track time with appropriate classroom facilities. The PCA Region personnel, including the Chief Track Instructor and/or the DE Chair, are responsible for determining eligibility of Instructor Candidates.

The PCA National DE Committee offers this information as a minimum standard to determine those potential candidates who may benefit from our PCA National Instructor Training:

The potential Candidate must have the approval of his/her Regional Chief Instructor. If the candidate’s region does not have an active DE program, then approval of the CDI in a region that he activity participates is necessary.

The items below are to be used to evaluate the readiness of a potential candidate.

Personality and Character Traits:

1. Possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills

2. Treatment of all drivers as peers and with respect

3. Willingness to commit to a reasonable number of DE events per season

4. A mature attitude within the “competitive” track environment

Driving Skills:

1. The potential candidate must have at least ten (10) days of DE experience in the Advanced Run group for one or more regions.

2. Drives the correct line consistently

3. Can communicate and drive at Advanced Run Group speeds

4. Knows the limitation of the car and his ability