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Video: Petrolicious profiles one man's Porsche 912, a "barbecue car"

Sunday, December 14, 2014

There wasn’t much difference between the Porsche 911 and the 912 except for one crucial feature: the engine. While the 911 enjoyed a new air-cooled flat six, the 912 employed the air-cooled flat four used for so many years in the 356 to make it more affordable than the 911. As a result, enthusiasts traditionally haven't viewed the 912 in as favorable light as the 911. But in 2014, as noted by Frenchman Julien Borne in this Petrolicious video, the 912 is coming into its own.

Whether early 911 appreciation in recent years has made the 912 more appealing or enthusiasts are starting to appreciate the 912 more on its own merit doesn’t really matter. Borne sums it up perfectly: “The 912 is closer to a barbecue car than to a golf course car. It’s not a car to show off, it’s a car to enjoy.”

Head below to watch the video (look for the old PCA grille badge at 3:40!), and be sure to check out Restoration Romantic, a blog series about a PCA member who is shipping his 912 from Illinois to California to enjoy with his wife.

Source: Petrolicious via YouTube

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