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Video: 918 Spyder's Zuffenhausen assembly plant quiet, methodical

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Now that all 918 units of Porsche's 918 Spyder are sold out, all that's left is to assemble and deliver them to their fortunate owners. We've read about and seen pictures of the spotless assembly plant, and how the highly skilled technicians use precise eletric power tools to piece the car together around the Dallara-built carbon-fiber monocoque. But this video on Cars YouTube channel demonstrates just how methodical and detailed the build process is, accentuated by the relative silence.

Interior leather is wrapped and sewed by hand, body panels are removed from individual boxes and bolted into place, and the engine is hand-built — all in a plant employing just 110 assembly technicians, according to Autoblog. We'd expect nothing less from Porsche building a hyper car costing almost twice as much as the hallowed Carrera GT. Head below to watch the video.

Source: Cars via YouTube

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