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Porsche R&D chief says next GT3 RS will have brand-new naturally aspirated engine

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Information about the upcoming 911 GT3 RS mostly has been limited to rumors, but Porsche’s research and development chief, Wolfgang Hatz, speaking with Auto Express, stated it will get a brand-new naturally aspirated engine and come with the PDK automatic transmission only. He also reportedly said a manual transmission for the RS “hasn’t been ruled out in the long term." With this information, one can imagine the new RS will pick up where last generation's RS 4.0 (seen in the above image) left off.

Hatz said he wants the GT3 RS to distinguish itself from the GT3 even more than in previous generations, and a new engine design, race-car-like aero (seen in leaked, candid images of the car and spy photos), and the possibility of a manual transmission would certainly do the trick. This writer predicts the new engine will be at least 4.0 liters and produce well over 500 horsepower, two milestones achieved with the GT3 RS 4.0 flat six and which the current GT3 approaches with 3.8 liters and 475 hp.

Head over to Auto Express to read the full story, which also includes some juicy nuggets about the forthcoming Cayman GT4.

Source: Auto Express
Photos courtesy Porsche

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