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Video: Porsche Classic and Motoroil explained at Tech Tactics

Thursday, March 12, 2015
National News

Not too long ago, Porsche Classic released a line of specially formulated engine oil for air-cooled Porsches, but there have been questions about whether it's worthwhile to switch to the new synthetic blend. Porsche Classic Product Manager Thomas Lenz and Sales Support Specialist Florian Truffner visited us at this year's Tech Tactics East to answer those questions, giving us detailed insight into how Motoroil is made and why it's better than mainstream brands for air-cooled engines — though stopping short of detailing the formula.

(Check out this article by German auto publication Auto Zeitung to see results of an independent test of 15 different 20W50 weight oils for classic cars; Porsche's oil did very well.)

In addition to the discussion about oil, Lenz and Truffner also tell us what else Porsche Classic does to keep our cars on the road.

Head below to watch the video, and use the video guide under it to skip to the section you want to watch.

1:02 – What is Porsche Classic

2:48 – How classic Porsche parts are chosen for manufacture

3:36 – Why Porsche makes engine oil and why you should care

6:08 – Information about switching to Porsche Classic Motoroil

7:37 – Using Porsche Classic Motoroil in motorsport activities

8:32 – The best time to change your oil

Image by Porsche/Damon Lowney

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