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Above: 997.2-generation Carrera coupe and Cabriolet.

Article by Rob Sass
Photos courtesy Porsche

In the probably not too distant future,...


Video by Jim Mundell / Motor House Media

Didn't make it to Werks Reunion Amelia Island this year? Watch this video to...


With springtime comes a staple of Porsche Club of America, the Spring 2018 Member Only Raffle, and we gave away four Porsche 718 GTSs — Boxster or Cayman — plus $25,000 cash as...


Article by Damon Lowney
Photos courtesy Porsche

If you’ve ever wondered how fast a Le Mans Prototype race car could be without the technical regulations...


Above: 2014 Porsche Parade concours in Monterey. Photo by Damon Lowney

Article by Patrick Yanahan

Porsche owners love to wash and shine their...


Article by Benjamin Shahrabani
Photos courtesy Delius Klasing and Berlin Motor Books

Title: Our Le Mans: The Movie – The Friendship – The...


Article by Ryan Carignan

As cars and technology progress, the speed and capability of our Porsches on the track has increased dramatically. This progress has...


Article and photos by Nathan Merz

Sadly for much of the country the dark days of winter mean our Porsches get relegated to the purgatory of car covers and...


Last year we took a trip out to Flat 6 Innovations research and development facility in Georgia to learn all about the intermediate shaft (IMS) and the IMS bearing in Porsche’s...


Title: Hurley: From the Beginning
Author: Sean Cridland, Hurley Haywood
Publisher: Visions of Power Press


Photos by the sellers except where noted

A popular PCA member benefit is The Mart, the club’...


Article by Irwin Levy
Photos by Irwin Levy unless noted otherwise

In March of 2017, I decided to upgrade my ride to a premium Sport Utility Vehicle, and...


Above: A Porsche 356 Carrera.

Article by Michel Lamoureux
Photos by Chantal Charbonneau

When Jason Campbell was headhunted four years ago...


Video and photo by John Lamm

Most car enthusiasts born in the last 70 or so years will remember Hot Wheels model cars as a mainstay of their toy collections —...


Article and photos by Damon Lowney

The 2018 Werks Reunion Amelia Island hosted by Porsche Club of America went off without a hitch on Friday, March 9, the day...