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EPA alleges diesel V6 Porsche, Audi, and VW vehicles have defeat device, PCNA stops sale of Cayenne Diesel [UPDATE]

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) alleges certain Volkswagen Group models with the 3.0-liter diesel V6, which includes the Porsche Cayenne Diesel, are equipped with an emissions-test defeat device, entangling more vehicles and brands in a scandal that has enveloped Volkswagen Group. 

The information was released yesterday in an EPA Notice of Violation (NOV) document sent to Porsche Cars North America (PCNA) and Volkswagen Group of America. Along with the 2015 Cayenne Diesel, the 2014 VW Touareg and 2016 Audi A6 Quattro, A7 Quattro, A8, A8L, and Q5 — all equipped with the twin-turbocharged 3.0-liter V6 diesel — are listed as failing additional emissions testing by the EPA since late September.

[UPDATE (11-3-2015, 6:30 PM EST): Porsche Cars North America (PCNA) released a statement today at 6:09 PM EST: "[PCNA] today decided, in view of the unexpected U.S. EPA notice received yesterday, to voluntarily discontinue sales of model year 2014 through 2016 Porsche Cayenne Diesel vehicles until further notice. We are working intensively to resolve this matter as soon as possible. Customers may continue to operate their vehicles normally."]

Like the 2.0-liter diesel engines originally caught with defeat devices, the cheating software for the V6 recognizes when a vehicle is hooked up for Federal emission testing and puts it into a “’temperature conditioning’ mode,” according to the EPA.

“In this low NOx (nitrogen oxide) temperature conditioning mode, the vehicle operates under a number of emission control parameters, including injection timing, exhaust gas recirculation rate, and common rail fuel pressure in such a way that the parameters yield low engine-out NOx emissions and high exhaust temperatures,” the NOV states. Turn the vehicle back on when it’s not being tested and it operates in “normal” mode, which pollutes up to nine times more NOx than is allowed by law in the case of vehicles with the V6.

The EPA notes at the end of the NOV that the investigation is ongoing and it “may find additional violations.” It also states that there is enough evidence from testing to support these latest allegations.

Yesterday Porsche Cars North America also issued a statement: “We are surprised to learn this information. Until this notice, all of our information was that the Porsche Cayenne Diesel is fully compliant.

“Porsche Cars North America will cooperate fully with all relevant authorities.”

Read the full EPA Notice of Violation here.

Source: EPA, Porsche
Photo courtesy Porsche

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