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Pirelli expands PCA sponsorship to cultivate national programs through 2018

Friday, November 6, 2015
National News

The Porsche Club of America is pleased to announce the strengthening of its relationship with Pirelli Tire North America for 2016-18, with an increase in active participation and sponsorship of five major PCA national programs.

Beginning January 1, 2016, Pirelli will provide additional support and resources to PCA Club Racing, PCA High-Performance Driver Education (HPDE), PCA Autocross, Porsche Parade, and PCA Treffen North America programs. In addition to the funds that will be invested in the preparation and running of events, the sponsorship will take on other forms.

“We have exciting plans slated for 2016, and Pirelli has committed to be right beside us as we take PCA programs to the next level,” remarks Dr. Caren Cooper, PCA National President. “With Pirelli’s increased level of support, PCA members can expect even more from their membership.”

For example, Pirelli will be the presenting sponsor and spec tire of the PCA Club Racing National Points Championships for GTC 3-6 classes and the new PCA Club Racing Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport Trophy-East series. It will be a contingency sponsor for GTB classes and continue to provide trackside support through JX2 Performance Group.
PCA’s HPDE and autocross programs are expected to grow with help from Pirelli’s presenting sponsorships and the resources they will provide them. At minimum, the tire company will provide regions and participants awards, tire promotions, and giveaways. Recognition programs will be developed to distinguish model HPDE and autocross programs within the club.

Pirelli will continue to have a presence at Porsche Parade, has signed on for the inaugural Treffen North America in 2016, and will host the welcome dinners at both events. Of course, a sponsorship wouldn’t be complete without free goodies and door prizes, and Pirelli will have those covered too.

The sponsorship is poised to extend into PCA’s digital media as well, which will provide online coverage of Pirelli-sponsored driving events across a variety of platforms. Look for discussion forums on social media, YouTube videos, articles, e-Brake News highlights, and more, from club races, HPDEs, and autocrosses throughout North America.

“This comprehensive partnership with the PCA is an excellent way to demonstrate to Porsche enthusiasts the performance and quality of Pirelli-homologated products for the track and street,” comments Rafael Navarro, Pirelli Tire North America Vice President of Communications and Media Relations. “We have developed a great relationship with the club over the years, and this agreement is the product of a true collaboration among partners to deliver an improved experience for club members.”

Specific information with regards to how members may take advantage of opportunities created by the sponsorship will be released soon.

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