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Video: Evo shares initial impressions of turbo Carrera S

Monday, November 9, 2015

Porsche's decision to turbocharge its 911 Carrera line after more than 50 years of naturally aspirated flat sixes has polarized the Porsche community. The essence of the new 911 is under fire with questions such as: How does turbocharging affect throttle response? Does the new 3.0-liter flat six sound good? What differentiates a turbo Carrera from a 911 Turbo? evo's Henry Catchpole attempts to answer these and other questions fresh off a drive in the standard Carrera S.

His impressions are favorable towards the Carrera S engine's throttle response, and this writer noticed both the wheeze of turbochargers and the flat-six howl Porschephiles have come to love. Keep in mind Catchpole's car is fitted with the standard exhaust — the sport version with centrally mounted dual tailpipes will offer greater aural stimulation. Watch the six-minute video below for the first independent video review of the 991.2-generation Carrera S.

Source: evo via YouTube

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