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PCA Club Racing adds Spec Cayman (SPC) class for 2016

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Columbia, MD—PCA Club Racing is excited to offer a new Spec Cayman (SPC) class for the 2016 season, providing PCA members a platform to compete in virtually identical 2006-08 Cayman S race cars.

SPC class will maximize performance and fun at a reasonable cost for racers, and emphasize driver skill while providing a natural step up from SP1 (“spec 944”) and SPB (“spec Boxster”) classes. SPC will be positioned between SPB and GTB1 from performance and cost perspectives.  The spec tires will be Toyo RS1 slicks for dry weather and R888 treads for rainy weather. They were picked for their balance of performance and cost.

PCA Club Racing chose the 2006-08 Cayman S (987.1) with the six-speed manual transmission as the ideal platform for SPC due to the large selection of cars available, its high-performance capabilities out of the box, and relatively inexpensive purchase price compared to newer Cayman S models. Vehicles will retain their stock, water-cooled flat sixes with 295 horsepower and use premium street fuel, yet their performance will be enhanced through weight-reduction measures, suspension upgrades, limited-slip differential, lightweight flywheel, and the high-performance spec tires. The 2016 Spec Cayman Class Rules detail a build list that specifies which parts may be used on SPC race cars and excludes exotic, aftermarket materials.

What teams may add to their SPC racers is just as important as what may be taken out. The class will have a minimum weight of 2,950 pounds (car and driver) to ensure good performance and that one needn’t take extreme and/or expensive weight-reduction measures to be competitive.

In addition to the required safety equipment, including but not limited to roll cage, race seat, safety harness, etc., additional cooling to the engine, brakes, transmission, and power steering will be allowed, as will be the use of larger brake master cylinders. Several types of oil-pan baffles, extended oil sumps, and radiators will be allowed to aid in engine cooling.

Stay tuned to and Club Racing News for more information on SPC as it becomes available, including an article covering the formation of this new, exciting race class.

Find the 2016 Spec Cayman Class Rules here. The full 2016 PCA Club Racing Rulebook will be published on in early December.

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