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Video: Texting and driving: If Mark Webber can't do it, neither can you

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Porsche has an important message for drivers this holiday season: don’t text and drive because even Porsche Factory Driver Mark Webber can’t do it. The automaker brought out the cameras and filmed a humorous video demonstrating the effects of distracted driving on track in a pure-bred race car, and yes, despite the unlikely scenario, it held our attention and got the point across.

He starts out with a clean racing line, but as soon as he pulls out his cell phone it’s game over. Webber thrashes the Cup car over curbing, runs it off track, and spins out — basically what happens on the street when a driver is glued to his touchscreen (or inebriated).

Remember, the holiday season is a time to rejoice and be merry — not put yourself and others in danger while behind the wheel. Scroll down to watch the video.

Source: Porsche via YouTube

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