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2014 PCA Club Racing Championship Series winners

Friday, December 19, 2014

By Bryan Henderson
Photos by David Zajano

The PCA Club Racing Committee is pleased to announce the podium winners of the 2014 PCA Club Racing Championship Series. Please join me in congratulating the winners listed below. For a full compilation of race results, click here.





C John H. Shafer Phil Rochelle  
D Rob Hale David Brumfield Darrell Clarke
E Jim Buckley Evan Close Bill Miller
F Dan Yonker Bill Rudtner James Silvio
G Doug Crossman Kevin Healey Justin Devinney
H Ryan Magrab Charles Price Keith Olcha
I Franklin Pray    
J Kenneth Boyd Ken Nielsen Brent Asplundh
K James Stanislaw Randall Joe  
L Barry Bays    
SP1 Chris Blazer Steve Coomes Henry Hoeh
SP2 Randy Smith Robert Provost David Rodenroth
SP3 Kerry Brown Michael Stach Henry Carter
SP911 Robert Murillo Bob Engling Claude Reed
SP996 Bryan Bell Charles Bray David Hodges
SPB John Gladwill Luke Oxner Michael Quigley
GT1 Leslie Shrem    
GT2 Jay Boulas    
GT3 Roland Schmidt    
GT4 Maurice Smith Angus Rogers Claudio Kaempf
GT5 Paul Young Bryan Berry Ben Merriman
GT6 Peter Burman Gerry Burger  
GTA1 Kristi Schmidt    
GTA2 Andy Wilzoch Eric Boueilh Chip Romer
GTB1 Scott Bresnahan Charles Belluardo Mitch Richard
GTB2 Ron Kirshner    
GTC1 Alan Benjamin    
GTC2 William Slowikowski Andre Nieuwenhuizen Michael Embler
GTC3 James Leslie Pat Heptig Mark Kemp
GTC4 John Goetz Mike Vess George Tsantes
GTC5 Joe Bank Pierce Marshall Normand Houle

Podium winners soon will be sent invitations and details about the awards presentation and dinner, which will kick off the 2015 48 Hours at Sebring Club Race. 

Club Racing News 2014 v.4 is posted.

2015 PCA Club Racing Rule Book and Forms (or contact Club Racing office for rule book and forms:

2015 Club Racing schedule (tentative). There are several major date changes and the return of most of the races that were on the 2014 schedule.

Upcoming Event Information - Register here




Sebring International Raceway Jan. 29 - Feb. 1 Jan. 29 - Feb. 1
NOLA Open Jan. 12 Feb. 28 - Mar. 1
TWS Open Jan. 26 Mar. 13 - 15
Road Atlanta Open Feb. 9 Mar. 28 - 29
Thunderhill Open Feb. 9 Mar. 28 - 29


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