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12 things you didn't know about the 911R

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Aticle and photos by Pete Stout

(For additional details about the 911R debut, click here.)

1. The front bumper is straight GT3, but uses a new and smaller lip to balance the aero due to the 911R's lack of a rear wing. Porsche says the car achieves the same aero balance front to rear as the 991 GT3, which is not to be confused with the same lift or downforce. Due to less drag, the 911R is said to "run away" from the wider, bewinged GT3 RS at high speeds.

2. The front fenders are unique to the 911R, being carbon fiber like the GT3 RS, but without that car's added track or fender top vents. The wheel/tire package and sizing is identical to the 991 GT3 to keep the car smaller.

3. The rising rear spoiler is borrowed from the Cabriolet for a little extra attack angle, but the development team found that a Gurney flap would create too much stress for the parts, so a diffuser under the engine was employed — and it is said to be absolutely functional. The rear-wheel steering is critical in the 911R's ability to go without a large fixed rear wing — thanks to the added stability it brings.

4. Officially, the 911R is available in White or GT Silver, but Black, Lava Orange, and another color — possibly Ultraviolet or a yellow — may become available as special or "unpromoted" colors. The roof stripes can be ordered in red or green, or deleted. The side stripes can be had in all black, or in black but with the PORSCHE done to match the roof stripes — or deleted entirely.

5. The manual gearbox shares its case with the seven-speed manual in the 991 Carrera, but deletes seventh gear (saving 6.6 pounds) and has lower ratios; first through fourth are close to the ratios used in the GT3's PDK gearbox, while fifth and sixth are taller. A single-mass flywheel is available for those who prefer a lighter flywheel and more noise/less refinement.

6. Notice the R in 911R is a bit different? We'll come back to that. Green markings and white needles recall the 911_50 as well as the earliest 911s.

7. Who needs PCM or nav? The idea here is to get lost... The show car deleted the A/C, as well, and went without full leather and LED lights to be as light as possible.

8. The 1968 911R is known for using a sticker, but Porsche found a box of parts marked "911R" and a prototype badge that looked like this one — probably made from a 911S badge with a discolored R added on — and resized it and applied it to the new 911R.

9. PCCBs are standard to save weight, and are the only choice.

10. The front lid gets a sticker instead of a metal crest.

11. Lightweight bucket seats are standard, as are carbon doorsills with 911R logos. Notice the R is discolored once again.

12. Seats are available in brown or black with houndstooth inserts.

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Posted by Porsche Club of America on Tuesday, March 1, 2016

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