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Video: Find out how Porsche made the new Panamera beautiful

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

After spending time in a first-generation Panamera, two things become clear about Porsche’s super-sedan: It’s exceptionally fast and comfortable, and, when you see it in person, it has presence — in a good way.

While most people wouldn’t call it Porsche’s most beautiful vehicle, the way it goes, the ample head and leg room in the back seat, and its remarkable storage capacity afforded by the roofline and rear hatch can make one forget criticisms aimed at the styling. The next-generation Panamera looks to have most, if not all, of the current sedan’s best attributes, but it also sports a sleeker shape, especially at the rear. It’s one of the better-looking new luxury sedans.

Knowing the world would be paying close attention to the way the new Panamera looks, Porsche released a video hosted by Vice President of Style Michael Mauer and Director of Exterior Design Peter Varga detailing what design cues were implemented to make it beautiful. Watch the video above.

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